1. BBBlue14

    Scenes Teal Dream 2021-12-04

    (LOUD AUDIO WARNING) (NOT TESTED IN VR) If you try to use VR please download the VRadjust version you will have a better chance to load the scene in VR(SEE UPDATE 1 for details) A short loop animation made with timeline in the desktop version of VAM I hot shower after a long day is one of...
  2. 10thToaster

    Scenes Intimate Fingering 1

    Clara and Raven get intimate. This is my first scene with both of these characters and I was going for something sweeter and more intimate. Hopefully I succeeded. This scene also contains custom audio recorded specifically for it. Let me know what you think! I've set up a Patreon account now...
  3. BBBlue14

    Scenes Blue Dream 2021-11-27

    ( FLASHING LIGHT / LOUD AUDIO WARNING) (NOT TESTED IN VR) Here is another short loop animation made with timeline set in a nightclub setting. The scene should auto play on load but I added in UI elements so you can start, stop or adjust the animation and music as you see fit. I started this...
  4. UJVAM

    Paid Scenes UJVAM JURI Live Romance vol.1 V.1

    sample movie Juri is a sexy MILF who spends her nights secretly live chatting to satisfy her sexual desires. One day, Yuji, a fan of hers, finds out that she is his neighbor. He is overflowing with desire to see her naughty body in real life, and when he realizes, he appears in front of her...
  5. BBBlue14

    Scenes Red Dream 2021-11-25

    ( FLASHING LIGHT / LOUD AUDIO WARNING) (NOT TESTED IN VR) A short doggy style loop animation made with timeline set in a night club setting. I tried to make the scene more lively than my last by adding music strobe lighting and a background along with audio controller UI start, stop and volume...
  6. BBBlue14

    Scenes PurpleDream 2021-11-23

    Just sharing a simple scene created with the timeline plugin made by acidbubbles made in desktop mode (Note Not tested in VR)
  7. UJVAM

    Looks UJVAM KIMI with animation V.2

    希美をFreeLookに変更します! この機会に彼女の魅力がわかるアニメーションシーンをちょっとだけ作ってみました。 この後のエピソードはあなたが作ってみてください! I' m changing Kimi to FreeLook! I took this opportunity to make a little animated scene that shows her charms. Let's make the episode after this one by you! *Credit and Special thanks...
  8. UJVAM

    Paid Scenes With YUKI 優希との情事 UJVAM V.1

    Dear UJVAM fans! Thank you for your patience. I've created a new UJVAM girl and she's so attractive that I've made an animated scene with her. As a nose-loving UJVAM, I'm proud to say that I created the best nose ever! YUKI's texture in this scene is UJVAM textureV1.0, more fun! So have a...
  9. UJVAM

    Scenes UJVAM. Romance In Theatre V.1

    ACO was bored with the movie and seduced her boyfriend, not caring what others saw. When she notices the lecherous eyes of the man behind her, she takes action... She's a little mean, a little S-cheeky, and a little naughty. I also tried to make it not just a sex scene, but also a story. (Dumb...
  10. atani

    Answered Walking as subscene animPat and using Timeline - best practices?

    Hi everyone, Apologies if it has been asked a similar question, but it's difficult to search as it can be written in endless ways. I'm creating my first scenes and together also learning how to use Timeline by Acid Bubbles (amazing plugin 🤩). There's been lots of mistakes, redoing things, fixing...
  11. 10thToaster

    Scenes Rainy Days 2

    Trying my hand at using physics to simulate sex rather than timeline. This seems to have come out rather well I think... If you have any comments or suggestions please let me know I would love some feedback on my scenes. Lots of dependencies here as I wanted to do my best to make the scene look...
  12. Acid Bubbles

    Scenes Ultra-giant Futa Female PoV Scene 2

    Here's one of the scenes I did for prototyping purposes. It's a giant futa (20x your size) masturbating; it's fairly simple, 4-5 animated poses, but it works quite well and I don't think I've seen something similar out there. So if it's your thing, have fun! IMPORTANT: Requires Timeline 5...
  13. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes The Blowjob Part 2 - Custom Timeline expressions and motion capture 2021-09-09

    So this is part two for the scene release a while back. Make sure you have Timeline as the animation has been converted.
  14. Acid Bubbles

    Scenes The Boss - Female PoV, Futa 2

    This scene was initially one of the simple demonstration scenes using Timeline 5's pose feature and VAMOverlays integration, but ended up with 18 animated poses with subtitles and 6 bonus animated poses. This is a futa, female pov scene made for VR. Have fun and let me know what you think...
  15. 10thToaster

    Scenes Washing Trouble 3

    I'm not entirely sure what prompted me to make this but I feel like somebody had to.... Special thanks to Scamp for letting me use the washing machine asset from their Laundry scene (Avaliable here - https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/sophia-does-the-laundry.7862/) Credits: Scamp - Washing...
  16. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes Sexy Back - Timeline + mocap 2021-09-02

    Ok so I had this scene in the closet just like me ( haha I'm kidding I'm not gay I swear) and decided to release it so there is some content until we start producing again. This scene has been put trough Acid Bubbles Timeline and it has facial expressions and also custom had movement. You will...
  17. 10thToaster

    Scenes The Apartment 2

    Another simple set of animations. I was feeling like I should upload something so this is going up while I build everything to go around this. The idea is that this scene will eventually become part of a larger scene with some setting. Who is the lady and why is she willing to get her throat...
  18. UJVAM

    Scenes UJVAM MEGU loves you(MEGU refined) V.1

    I expressed the cute MEGU who blushes and expresses her feelings. I love the shyness of Japanese girls. 顔を赤らめながら気持ちを伝えるかわいいMEGUを表現しました。 私は日本の女子のシャイな所が大好きです。 MEGU has been refined a lot from the original. She may be a different person now :) MEGUはオリジナルからかなりリファインしてます。もはや別人かもしれません:) serif セリフ ・O...
  19. UJVAM

    Paid Scenes UJVAM Lesbian_in_the_bathroom_Full Version V.1

    This is a FULL version. You'll enjoy the whole episode! The secret story of Shiori and Maki. Shiori is a shy and reserved girl, but one night, her hand naturally reaches for an object she suddenly sees... Then Maki, who shares the house with her, sees Shiori in an embarrassing...
  20. UJVAM

    Scenes UJVAM Lesbian in the bathroom (Trial) 2021-08-14

    I I have completed it at last. This is a trial version. If you like it, you're welcome to download the full version to see the rest! The full story will be released later! The secret story of Shiori and Maki. Shiori is a shy and reserved girl, but one night, her hand naturally reaches for...
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