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  1. Blaspheratus

    Guides A guide on how to convert clothes from female to male/futa and male to female. 1

    Hello everyone, I'm Blaspheratus and I bring you a guide on how to convert clothes from female to male/futa and male to female. First of all, this guide is for creators, not users, as it deals with the duf file of the clothes Maybe you want to convert your clothes to the opposite gender or do...
  2. MostVerticalPrimate

    Guides MVP's Guide To: Babe Undressing Physics

    One of the things that's really amazing about using the Unity engine for VAM is that it allows for some very cool physics options. Whether it's boob or butt jiggles or other soft body physics, VAM allows for some truly awesome things. One thing that tends to get overlooked by many people is the...
  3. Treee6

    Guides How to use InvokeAI to create your own custom face textures

    Hey everyone! I was wondering if there is a way to use InvokeAI to create face textures for VAM. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a properly trained model to create textures out of nothing, but with a little guidance, we can already create pretty good looking textures with AI. First, you’ll need...
  4. DemonLord

    Guides New CPU or GPU? FPS monitor

    Here is good FPS monitor which can tell you where is the bottleneck of your system. You can see which graphical setting affects to, CPU or Video card. To get better quality with same FPS, or what you need to turn off to get more FPS. Basically you need to look at second graph. Frame Time -...
  5. AppetiteVisual

    Poses EasyPose BioRigs - Pose Your Sexy Models Easily, Without Explosions 2023-07-28 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Hello and welcome to another AppetiteVisual resource! As a reference for this posing resource, please see my first guide on how to pose models using a biomechanics theory model, at...
  6. atani

    Guides anatomy of a VAR

    This guide means to show what makes a VAR a VAR A VAR is the prefered way to share content between VaM users, with the Hub hosting thousands of them as I write this guide. Yet, this file only exists from VaM version 1.20, if not mistaken, and before it were the Dark Ages of VaM content sharing...
  7. Farger

    Guides Farger Timeline Community Sharing 5 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    The first tutorial in this series is titled: EXAMPLE GUIDE FOR ADDING MOTION TO A PERSON'S HAND. See the discussion area for this tutorial along with an explanation of steps and associated screenshots. The second tutorial is titled: EXAMPLE GUIDE FOR ADDING MORPH CHANGES TO A PERSON. See the...
  8. Housefly

    Guides How to use Housefly.io - Patreon alternative for crypto payments

    What is Housefly ? Housefly is a revolutionizing the way creators make money with 100% ANONYMITY, NO KYC, NO CENSORSHIP and no bank account required. Earn from subscriptions, pay-to-view, and tips in crypto with instant wallet-to-wallet payments on the Polygon blockchain. Discover a Web3...
  9. pogdaddy

    Guides Using Housefly.io As A Creator

    Hey all! I wanted to write this up as a place to put some relevant information I've got regarding how to use housefly.io. I also want to request any other useful info or knowledge from the community that can be added to this via replies in the discussion page! Tips List: 1. When choosing the...
  10. ascorad

    Guides asco's Timeline Tutorials (1-5) 2 CC BY

    These are the first five tutorials in a series I've been working on to help beginners learn Timeline. The videos combined are just under an hour and are all located on this page. There is a supplementary var file and zip file as optional downloads. The var file has each of the five scenes used...
  11. CheersMate

    Guides How to add a CamRide to your scene

    Ever wondered how to add a CamRide to your scene? Well I did. With some help from the VaM community and a little trial and error, it turns out it's really easy. Maybe this is common knowledge and I was the last to know about it but just in case others are confused, I thought I'd share what I...
  12. ascorad

    Guides Shadow X-Ray Effect Guide & Demo 1.1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    ***NOW INCLUDES THE DEMO SCENE FEATURED IN THE SCREENSHOTS*** Model Featured: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/trin.28041/ Scene Recommendations: High Quality Physics - Off Pixel Light Count - 4 Soft Body Physics - On After posting the original guide I realized that it would have made a...
  13. atani

    Guides A guide for Sim textures

    @Case asked if I knew something about sim textures in clothing and if I could make a guide to go together with my guide for Alpha textures. Well, I don't know much, but something is more than nothing, and maybe it could be useful to others, so I'm having a go at it. Help me improve this guide...
  14. ascorad

    Guides Easy Hair Collider Guide 1 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Some of you I'm sure are aware of this little trick, but for everyone else, maybe this will come in handy for you. Personally, futas really aren't my thing, but I don't kink shame. It's all in good fun, right? :) I decided to create this guide after reading some fellow vammers talking about how...
  15. VamMoose

    Guides Metachat Toolkit 28 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-SA

    Table of Contents Introduction Section 1 - Download and Install MetaChat Plugin Section 1.1 - Autoloading MetaChat as a Session Plugin Section 2 (Optional) - How to BOOKMARK a custom LOOK / SCENE/ ATOM. Section 2.1 (Optional) - How to find the Hub URL of a scene you already had downloaded from...
  16. MvFF

    Guides Use Blender to Merge Male Gens Texture with Torso Texture for Futa

    This guide was made with Blender 3.3 I use Linux so some screenshots may differ slightly, I Apologize for any confusion caused by this. But it shouldn't be any different. This assumes you already have Textures. If you want to convert a set of Female Textures to Male you should follow this guide...
  17. I

    Guides Your EndAllBeAll guide to Wrapping! 1

    Hello there! This is my first guide on the Hub, But I'll make it the best guide for Wrapping! Before we start you'll need to download 2 things, I'll leave it to you where to install it, But install it in a easy to access/remember place so you can always return to it! Download/Install steps...
  18. atani

    A "I am new here" or "getting started" link in the top menu?

    I am wondering if having a menu item named something like "I am new here" or "getting started", linking to the "getting started" page in the wikie for example, would be useful. Why? Someone new to the Hub and VaM can be easily be overwhelmed. Even just going to the wiki or Forums can be very...
  19. Bob Nothing

    Guides Free neural text to speech with emotion! 2

    Don't you wish VAM had more story based content? I think the major thing holding this back is the lack of voice. Are you sick of using speech bubbles in VAM? Don't you wish there was an easy way to generate excellent TTS (text to speech) that sounded decent and even included emotions? Even...
  20. MostVerticalPrimate

    Guides MVP's guide to CUA Manager

    Don't you just hate it when you spend your hard earned money on large breasted women for VAM, and when you try to load them in a scene getting piped, they end up looking like Walter White? It seems fruitless, like you wasted your money. But thankfully there's an answer to all of this. And I'm...
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