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You need VaM version 1.22 and the VaMStory plugin for this scene to work!

Sex in a car is uncomfortable, fight me

Big thanks and shoutout yet again to @DasBoot for creating these incredible milfy looks one of which I based the woman in the scene on. Definitely check out the original Nicole Look! Also that vibration Plugin by ParticlePinnacle is just incredible, it's insane how much of a difference even subtle vibrations to bodyparts can make!

hot Credits in your area:

DasBoot - Nicole

Hunting-Succubus - Eyeball Shadow
VaM SleSar - vsl Men's boxers
VirtaArtieMitchel - Fitness Pack
Jachu - Short Shirt

ParticlePinnacle - ppthighcompressorandvibrations
MacGruber - LogicBricks, Post Magic, Life
ClockwiseSilver - UnityAssetMultiVamifier, SilverExpressionTool
NoStage3 - UnityAssetVamifier
AcidBubbles - Embody, ColliderEditor, Glance, Timeline, SpawnPoint
ToumeiHitsuji - Divining Rod
hazmhox - VaMStory, VaMMoan, VaMCUI, VaMAtmosphere, VaMOverlays
PluginIdea - HPVL

Eosin - HandWristArmMorphs
Spacedog - Import Reloaded Lite
kemenate - Morphs
AshAuryn - AshAuryn's Assorted Espression Pack, Pose Tools
Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions

BooMoon - Lut Pack
PetaZwega - Triumph Spitfire MKIII

kemenate - Male Hairstyles, Male Bodyhair
NoStage3 - Hair Wavy Bob
Scamp - Scamps Milf Pubes

WeebU - Penis normal maps
kemenate - Decals


Shopping Cartby Pr2Hack ( https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/shopping-cart-fc4cb15fefb44f23bb6b0cd2e8aa1609 )

Parking Lot UFby hkang2 ( https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/parking-lot-uf-b820496c29b94bf3986fe6223d44fc8c )
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Latest updates

  1. Depth of Field & Dependency Downloader

    Depth of Field is now turned off by default, thanks to @nevermesh for making me aware of it not...
  2. Public Release & Paid Content Info

    Got a good pump going? Great! And now it's time for you to enjoy your post workout, milf flavour...
  3. Filesize, lightmap and animation Update

    So I forgot to enable asset compression in unity when creating the parking lot asset... Also...

Latest reviews

amazing work, thank you
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Top scene in every way!!
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I didn't think there was any way to top the Tavern Trials scene, but you've gone and done it. Great work!
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i couldnt get your last two scenes you posted to even work. the girl just t poses.
Looks like your scenes have a problem loading everything correctly. This is either because you're not using Vam 1.22, and/or are missing the VamStory/correct Timeline plugin.

For Post Workout I have Included a Dependency Downloader which downloads everything needed for the scene. Download and unpack the .zip file, move the .bat file into your AddonPackages folder and execute it there.

Hope this gets the scene running for you!
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very good
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This is a top notch in car scene, with about everything you could hope for in that context.
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I'm gonna say it: You ARE the best and I don't think anybody ever come close.
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Yet again another quality work, the kind of stuff we all should strive to pull presentation, composing and animation quality, and the kind of stuff 95% of all the paid scenes on the Hub *wish* they could even come close.

Top notch work here.
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Ideas, graphics, interface, scenery. Superealistic lifelike vr scenes.
Peta your work is art. Thanks
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