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  1. RizkyBizz

    Paid Scenes Abandoned 1.0

    Moving on to new projects. I've added sound and some new poses. remember to download everything. Multiple animations. Thanks to all the creators! Timeline by Acid bubbles : https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/timeline.94/ Collider editor by Acid Bubbles...
  2. Tiseb

    Paid Scenes Tania in spa 2020-11-10

    When Tania is alone in the spa .... The girl of the scene
  3. SCAMP

    Scenes Maria's Wild Anal 1.1

    After what happened last night between you and your secretary Maria, your attention span at the conference the next day is lacking. You can't take your eyes off her perfect young ass in that tight pencil skirt. She constantly sends you horny, inviting, teasing looks. You smile back properly, but...
  4. RizkyBizz

    Paid Scenes M&M 1

    A scene with three animations and a new room
  5. 1600306868.jpg


  6. BDBB91B4-BE4F-42E8-A6F5-83EA9BAD38F4.jpeg


  7. A577BD17-816D-4838-B31A-CC4E7836A9B9.jpeg


    WIP intro scene
  8. 66F6B2E5-7C03-4F33-8AB5-CDBC35968B3A.jpeg


    Maybe P10 if I can get it to animate smoothly enough.
  9. B4DC3BAB-8403-4FF8-9347-133DEEF2F300.jpeg


  10. 1593715633.jpg


  11. 1593714902.jpg


  12. 1593712072.jpg


  13. 1593716012.jpg


  14. 1593714037.jpg


  15. 1593714022.jpg


    Working on a set of scenes for Lily
  16. Spacedog

    Paid Scenes Spacedog's Stash - Big boobs scene 1

    I like boobs. Do you like boobs? Big ones, small ones or a good handful in between. Well here's some big ones for you. Continuing my stash of scenes I never released is a big boobs set from early 2019 exclusively for patrons. The scenes have been given a polish and revamp with new hair, sound...
  17. Nial

    Scenes Hold my legs 1

    This is a remix of my very first scene in Vam I did year ago. Scene fitted for anal, you can adjust it to pussy by yourself but I don't guarantee proper work with pussy. How to install: - You need latest Vam version (1.9.2+) - Download file. - Unzip file in root of your Vam...
  18. Spacedog

    Scenes Jack and Freya’s Best Laid Plans Remastered 2020-08-14

    Jack and Freya’s plans for the day were cancelled so now they are stuck at home with absolutely nothing to do. What on earth will they do to pass the time? This remaster started with me wanting to upgrade the original Best Laid Plans to my latest plugin set but this was no small task. Since...
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