[Male] Hairstyles Pack 01

Hairstyles [Male] Hairstyles Pack 01

This var contains all my male & female hair parts FOR THE MALE hair store. If you are looking for the female version go here.
  • All the hairstyles default to a LESS VOLUME look for males. There is a preset for almost every style that loads the more Volume version (that is default in females)
  • There are also the same 6 color presets for every hair piece, to make mixing easier
  • Load the length/volume first, then the color and the shape will stay
Gallery with comparison shots for More Volume vs Less Volume:

  • Curls 01: Natural afro curls (warning: devours performance)
  • 7 Long hair styles. Long 02 are actually 2 styles: tied and open. 06 and 07 are originally made or females.
  • 4 Manbun styles. The "knot" parts are inter-changeable with the knot parts from the modular undercut set.
  • Manbun 02 is a traditional japanese "Chonmage" hairstyle. The parts also work independently. The "more volume" version is closer to a traditional "Shimada" Geisha style
  • Lowbun: Inspired by ancient mesopotamian hairstyles, comes with two bun sizes and a fitting headband of fine quality copper.
  • 4 medium length hairstyles
  • Modular heroic half-up set. Different bases, tops and tails to mix and match.
  • Modular Undercut set: Different bases, tops and some knots to mix and match. These include a bunch of short hairstyles: fauxhawk, quiff, buzzcut...
  • 7 Shaved hair parts that work well for Punk/Tribal/Fantasy character. Actually, they are historical: a Cossack Chupryna, a monk's Tonsur, a small and wide Sikha, Manchurian queue, Mongolian front lock...
  • and the Mohawk 01 with presets for color and length
For a collection of beauty shots of the hair parts in action:

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awsome stuff Kemenate
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Comparatively, limited male stuff so these are invaluable.
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Although I'm not a big fan of "man-buns" and would never use them, this package is a must-have for creating male looks so thank you!
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glorious. make more pls
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Thanks a lot to work for male content, it is so poor on VAM
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We love to see more male hairstyles!!!! Thank you!
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