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[Male/Futa] Body Hair Pack

Hairstyles [Male/Futa] Body Hair Pack 7

Male Body Hair Package
  • 13 Eyebrows: fitting eyebrows for all default skins. All come by default with a color that blends well with the skin + a preset in "kemenate brown"
  • 4 Armpit hairs
  • 2 Arms&Legs hair items made from DirectSkin (since the bug is supposed to be fixed...)
  • 7 Chest hairs: The nipple sizes are slightly different in size from skin to skin, so some might have a odd border around the nipple.
  • 29 pubic hair styles: Old styles are updated with a new scalp, so they now include the balls and moph better. A bunch of them are shaved to fancy styles and fit well on Futa characters (they are tagged "fancy")
Including scalp items to make your own items. As far as I know they don't depend on the scalp after creation and can be shared without referencing the original scalp.


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Thanks for creating and posting for free use. I real time-saver for making masculine men!
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This is such a good and useful pack!!!
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Absolutely astonishing and useful! I'm going to update some of my male characters with this now!
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