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Spawn Point

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This is a plugin that allows moving the player to a specific location with a trigger, or on scene load.

Simply add it to an empty object, move it where you want to spawn, align the x axis (the blue arrow) towards where you want the user to look. You can trigger it using a trigger (e.g. UIButton) or on scene load, if you enable the option.

2020-11-28 22_59_54-Window.png

Thanks to @hazmhox, @MacGruber, @TGC and @CosmicFTW for the screenshot assets!
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  1. Spawn Point v1.1.0

    - Spawn will adjust the player height so the head is exactly where the spawn point is - Apply...

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I was just looking for this function. Thanks again. Tour de force!
Thank you for all your awesome plugins!
Acid aboard again
Really handy with the new subscenes system or if you want to make complete scenes without merge loading.
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