1. voidkampf1984

    Assets Functional DSLR All in one 1

    An all-in-one DSLR camera with functioning screen. Just load the unity assetbundle and enjoy :)
  2. R

    Paid Assets Camera and Plane Displays(4:3 and 16:9) Assets 2021-01-28

    Camera and plane monitors sets of assetbundle. Monitor size are 4:3 and 16:9. Monitors are simple plane for attatch any atom. 4 camera plane sets.
  3. Acid Bubbles

    Plugins Spawn Point v1.1.0

    Spawn Point This is a plugin that allows moving the player to a specific location with a trigger, or on scene load. Simply add it to an empty object, move it where you want to spawn, align the x axis (the blue arrow) towards where you want the user to look. You can trigger it using a...
  4. Acid Bubbles

    Plugins Utilities 1.1.0

    Small utilities I made that didn't merit their own package. BlendShapesController.cs Lists all unity asset blend shapes and lets you control them. CameraNearClipPlane.cs Changes the camera clip plane, to see through walls or see VERY large models for example. TimeScaleController.cs Allows...
  5. VamXFan

    Assets VR180 Recorder Helper 1.1

    Required: - Open Broadcaster Software - A good GPU Instruction : 1. Load your scene 2. Merge load scene "VamXFan.4CAMVR-ASSET-FOR-MERGE-V1.json" 3. Place the VR180 camera 4. Press "M" then "F1" to have the VR view. 5. Recorded with OBS. Registered with OBS : 1. Download VAM OBS VR180...
  6. G

    Assets SpyCam&Tablet 2.0

    I've made a few changes from 1.0, I've changed the tablet mesh and given it some more realistic materials as well as a camera HUD. The camera itself also comes with a few zoom options. How To Use: Download zip. Extract the .assetbundle inside the zip into the Custom/Assets folder inside the...
  7. Acid Bubbles

    Plugins Director v1.0.1

    Director Controls where the "camera" is by moving it to sequential Animation Pattern steps. Compatible with Passenger for moving in and out of POV mode. How to use Add the Director.cs file to an Animation Pattern. I suggest renaming the atom to Director. Set the mode to WindowCamera...
  8. Acid Bubbles

    Plugins Improved PoV v2.1.2

    Improved POV Improved POV handling so that possession actually feels right. Compatible with Passenger to reverse possession and have you follow the model instead. Try with Snug to also match your body proportions with the model's! Why Currently, the possession mode (point-of-view)...
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