EyeBall Shadow, Tear WetLine, Reflection!

Clothing EyeBall Shadow, Tear WetLine, Reflection! 5

I recommend to try Enhanced Eyes.

EyeBall Shadow is a cloth item which adds shadow to eyes because VAM's eye don't have any shadow at all. There are few Preset available. A better better remake is here in paid section- Enhanced Eye.
add those wet highlight on lower eyelid see last pic.
Ires Reflection add nice reflection to eye. Credit goes to Oeshi for textures.
Pro Tip- If you see any overlapping then change Cloth Adjustment- Surface offset, Thickness, Wrap to Smooth Vertex and use Eye scale & Eye depth morph to adjust them.
Important: Use with smoothness=1 and little Eye depth Morph Adjustment.

Btw I created discord server, which I think is effective way to post W.I.P. screenshots of works or any other quick update. feel free to join.
If you can Support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/HunTingSuccuBus

Join me on discord..its simple https://discord.gg/q8nmwp5

Comments/suggestion are welcome.
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  1. Eyeball Shadow/Enhanced Eye User should use HS Eye ToolBox plugin insted.

    I Suggest Eyeball Shadow/Enhanced Eye User should use HS Eye ToolBox plugin insted. It also...
  2. Hosted To Hub.

    Hosted To Hub. Now its more easy to install for application.

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Love this, thank you.
No scene is good without it.
Perfect must have
This is a must have, but sometimes it seems to hover over the eyelid. Not sure if that's just morphs or render issue, but seems to happen in a lot of scenes with a variety of models.
Awesome, but kinda looks weird when certain expressions are used.
I made myself a preset, just for that :)
it's just an essential item of clothing, thx !
thank you
I just can't create a character without using that.
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