1. W

    Question How to export eye/iris texture?

    I try to export the VAM characters in obj format for modification in external 3D software. With the VAM built-in export function, I can export the OBJ format character mesh surface, and find the skin texture in the var file, but the eye texture seems to be a built-in preset of VAM, which cannot...
  2. vs1

    Plugins vs1 P001 Custom Eye Auto Behaviours v0.2.0

    Please support me on Patreon to continue development. https://www.patreon.com/vs1 Update: 2022-09-03; Add Custom Auto Eyelid Morph When turned on the script lowers the eyelids when looking down. Custom Eye Auto Behaviors Custom Eye Auto Behaviors is a replacement for VaM's Auto Behaviors "Auto...
  3. MonsterShinkai

    Clothing Eye Glitter 2

    There are 10 presets. Effectiveness depends on light angle. Adjust specular, gloss and color as you desire. Update Version 2: Thanks to @VRDollz for the bump map idea then literally giving me the bump map to use. I also fine tuned it with smaller speckles, gave it the prism color effect and...
  4. Hunting-Succubus

    Paid Plugins Eyeball Shadow & Iris Reflection AutoLoader [Session Plugin] https://www.patreon.com/posts/66703448

    This Plugin will automatically add Eyeball Shadow & Iris Reflection to every Female/Male in scene. You dont have to add it manually anymore. If Enhanced Eyes is already loaded then Eyeball Shadow & Iris Reflection will be not loaded. Requires Eyeball Shadow for both female and male...
  5. vs1

    Clothing vs1 C045 Eye Reflection 01 2022-02-08-01

    I made original heart-shaped eye reflection as clothing. ------------- Other assets seen in image not included with this download: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/vs1-l025-hana-with-original-skin-textures-d-s-g-n.11209/
  6. Hunting-Succubus

    Clothing Male & Futa Enhanced Eyes 2

    OPEN FOR COMMISION WORK CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON Its finally done....almost made me bore. Its Male / futa version of Enhanced Eyes. Female Ver -https://www.patreon.com/posts/39169258 There are Three versions 1.Enhanced_Eyes_Realastic - Its Main...
  7. Hunting-Succubus

    Clothing Unisex HS Laser & Glowing Eyes 2

    OPEN FOR COMMISION WORK CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON Its cloth item that replicate glowing eyes shooting laser at target(if its player). Can be user for superhero or demon cosplay. YOU MAY HAVE TO CHANGE CLOTH OFFSET AND THICKNESS, SMOOTHED VERTEX SETTING IN CLOTH OPTIONS. Join...
  8. Hunting-Succubus

    Clothing EyeBall Shadow, Tear WetLine, Reflection! 6

    OPEN FOR COMMISION WORK CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON I recommend to try Enhanced Eyes. EyeBall Shadow is a cloth item which adds shadow to eyes because VAM's eye don't have any shadow at all. There are few Preset available. A better better remake is here in paid section- Enhanced...
  9. Hunting-Succubus

    Assets Realsitic Eye Assest 1

    OPEN FOR COMMISION WORK CONTACT DISCORD SERVER SUPPORT AT PATREON A Realsitic Eye i made it in unity becouse vam's eye look dull to me,Before you use this eye you have to disable vam's eye by using eye scale morph. then attach this script NodeAlign-EyeShadow.cs (edited by me but originally...
  10. kemenate

    Textures [Unisex] Shiny Dummy Skin 2

    Contains skin presets for female and male dummy: find them in the Skin Preset Tab in the sidebar. Contains decals that add fake ambient occlusion and better nails Contains the Eye and Lashes textures, but those DO NOT get applied when selecting the skin preset (needs appearance). The eye...
  11. kemenate

    Clothing [Male] Iris Reflection 2

    Oeshii's eye reflection item ported for male from source. Original description: Adds a transparent clothing mesh, with specular reflections, over the cornea to reflect lights in the scene. Use cloth material sliders to tweak the reflections/remove clipping. Also SIM sliders can be used for...
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