[Male] Iris Reflection

Clothing [Male] Iris Reflection 2

Oeshii's eye reflection item ported for male from source. Original description:
Adds a transparent clothing mesh, with specular reflections, over the cornea to reflect lights in the scene. Use cloth material sliders to tweak the reflections/remove clipping. Also SIM sliders can be used for further tweaks.

The default items loads without fake environment reflections. It adds real reflections of the light sources in the scene.
There are presets for fake environment Reflections. Find them under Customize -> Preset Tab -> Select the var in the sidebar

The preset environment reflections are fake, so they only look okay on screenshots and on "normal" eye angles. You can adjust them a bit by adjusting the Y-offset of the custom diffuse&alpha textures, if you need to. Changing the alpha adjust and diffuse offset/color will make the effect more/less visible. Also increase alpha adjust if too many real reflections in the lower part go missing.


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