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Subsurface Scattering Skin & Better Soft Shadows (Out Of Beta)

Paid Plugins Subsurface Scattering Skin & Better Soft Shadows (Out Of Beta) 10

Video Preview
This Plugin add Subsurface Scattering & Better Soft Shadows to Skin & CUA, other objects.
Currently in Beta State. Both Desktop & VR mode now works.
requires at least one Directional Light to function and its only affected by directional light. Every type of light is supported now.

Doesn't support Tessellation yet.Now work with Tessellation, but may have issue with skin tight cloth. no issue for nude body.
If "Error during attempt to load assetbundle" error is showing then user should Extract var file to "Custom/Scripts/Hunting-Succubus/" and select script from there.

Screenshot 2021-10-08dfgg 022536.png

Resolution downscale control quality and performance.
Blur Iteration does not make big difference.
Scatter Distance and Scatter Intensity makes big difference,
Soft Depth Bias you should not change, its only required if you change character scale.
SSS Map is using current Diffuse map as input(if not using any map, then its look different) and that's why Subdermal Scatter Color has less effect.
Color Affect Direct can make it more effective but i dot recommend it.
I will add Decal Map as SSS Map input in next release so user can manually control which part should have what effect.

You can use this content for Non Commercial Purpose & Early Access Content.
My Patreon Supporter( Bleeding Edge MADNESS 20$) can use this content for Commercial Purpose during Subscription Period.
you can link to VAR files but cant include VAR files in your package.

If you can Support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/HunTingSuccuBus
Join me on discord..its simple https://discord.gg/q8nmwp5

With SSS




Exaggerated SSS

With SSS

Without SSS

Screenshdgdgot 2021-10-08 011443.png

Screenshot 20220000000-05-14 005720.PNG.jpg
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First release
Last update
4.76 star(s) 17 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Subsurface Scattering Skin & Better Soft Shadows Ver 10

    Updates 1. Fixed Error - !> Exception ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Argument is out of range...
  2. (Please Download again, replaced old version of plugin which had memory leak issue.)

    (Please Download again, replaced old version of plugin which had memory leak issue.)
  3. (Session Plugin) Subsurface Scattering Skin & Better Soft Shadows Ver 9

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Latest reviews

Memory leak issue is still present in V9.
hi, is amount of memory leak same as prev version? it should have significantly reduced.
Upvote 1
I've just purchased the new version (6) but I still see the Artifact Removal Latency & Artifact Removal Pixel Bias Sliders? You mentioned they have been removed in this version. Am I using the right one?
session plugin? they are removed in latest version
Upvote 2
I havent used it but ive seen it used and its very cool!
Upvote 0
Best visual plugin ever. Makes skin so realistic, I can't run scenes without it anymore.
Upvote 0
Extremely good and essential plugin, it helps a lot by providing good and exciting warm tones to any model, skin looks way more natural with this
Upvote 0
I was fiddling around with this with some difficulty earlier so I asked for some direction but i ended up figuring it all out, was all me being too dense to figure out proper set up (i wasnt using the tesselation plugin wondering why tesselation wouldnt work for example LMAO). This plugin is just SO good man, i just cant believe how good of a job it does of bringing skin to realistic appearance. A thousand thumbs up and recommendations and thank yous.
thanks for your humble review.
Upvote 0
This is a must have for anything
Upvote 0
Upvote 0
i am looking to add support for other cameras in next month.
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Magnificent! Alas, using the "tessellation" option in this plugin causes VaM to freeze (on my PC) I don't know why.
are you using other plugin that changes skin features?
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