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Rias by OniEkohvius.
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Rias by OniEkohvius.

This Plugin add Anime/Cell Effect to Person's Skin.

I am Looking forward to make it more usable in future. Stay Tuned.

Instruction -
Add Plugin - AnimeCellEffect_Beta_HuntingSuccubus.cs to Person atom.

License "CC BY-NC-ND".
You can use this content for Non Commercial Purpose & Early Access Content.
My Patreon Supporter can use this content for Commercial Purpose.
For Support -
Discord Server

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Latest updates

  1. [Patreon Release] Anime/Cell Effect v4 Update

    Update - 1. Added Edge Outline Mask Support, can be used to adjust edge thickness of skin via...
  2. [Patreon Supporter Release] Anime/Cell Effect v3 Update

    [Patreon Supporter Release] Anime/Cell Effect v3 Update Updates- 1.Added Alpha Texture Support...
  3. [Public Release] Anime/Cell Effect v2 Update

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Latest reviews

wait for next update ... this worth!!!
Very cool.
Finally available for RTX users haha
I'm liking where this is going, keep it up!
This plug-in has an amazing goal in mind, but is not quite there yet. Still, given that it's now free, it's well worth experimenting with.

My biggest concerns right now are what appears to be incompatibility with anything but diffuse textures. I can't work decal textures into the appearance and a lot of clothing items get wrecked too (particularly look-altering ones like makeup or eye shaders). Can't even adjust basic colors a lot of the time on the clothes.

It's no doubt a complicated task in the first place so this is still recommended to experiment with for anime fans. I'm gonna' try to put up some good results I've gotten so far.
i am planning to add decal and other vam features.
Thank you for sharing this, it is a great plugin.
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