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  • You're easily one of the most talented content creators on VaM; generally whenever I get a scene I try to open it up and see how someone did it, and the sheer amount of buttons and animations and cycle forces etc that are present in any one of your scenes is just staggering. What's more, when I see how you had built the Eye Contact scene using mostly textured cubes for the train car, I was seriously impressed. So thank you for the amazing amount of work you put into your scenes.

    One small request--would you consider uploading static scenes of things like the Yard Work or Eye Contact where it's just the Postmagic, environment and lighting without anything else?

    I am in love with Sam! You are achieving what I have been trying to do for months: perfect breasts. Thank you, and congratulations. If one day you decide to have a patreon and continue to produce such quality, this would be the first one I would subscribe to (after MeshVr's of course).
    If I may ask, is it possible to get sam without the morphs being unified? I would really like to know what settings you used to get this shape. I have thousands of morphs that I've been collecting for more than a year, and I can't get this perfect.
    Thank you for your help!

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    Hey invisio, thank you very much for the praise, I really appreciate it!

    First of all stay tuned if you like her breasts, I worked a bit on the physics because I realized I never bothered to see how they behave when fondled in VR and I'm quite satisfied with the results.
    Regarding opening a Patreon, hold your bucks I won't be charging money for my stuff. But as I've put so many hours in to this I thought about creating something like buymecoffee so people who want to support me can do so but everyone else can still enjoy my stuff for free!
    As for the morphs I have to disappoint you because I don't have the original look anymore. But for the looks I've done I almost always try to limit myself to using the BuiltIn morphs. I think I've never even used custom ones for the breasts at all, just selecting "BuiltIn" and searching for "breast" playing around with the ones showing up and always checking with references (e.g. Porn). Especially the breast shapes can wield interesting results. Some other morphs I generally use when making a look:

    - Head Length, Head Width, Lips Thin, Eyes Shape 4, Brow Height, Brow Inner Height
    - BellyShape 1-3, Stomach morphs, Navel Vertical/Horizontal, Linea Alba Depth, Detail-/and Size-Morphs

    I hope this helps you a bit and thanks again for the support!
    OK thanks a lot. really happy to learn those perfections has been done only with Builtinmorphs. It will save a lot of time.
    Take care.
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