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Import Reloaded Lite

Morphs Import Reloaded Lite 2

This is a compilation of morphs for VAM that are free for you to use in your looks and scenes, no credit is required.

Import Reloaded was originally compiled from various sources by rp1902 and it includes the DieTrying 182 morph pack posted by dilldoeorg. Several morphs were since found to be broken and causing problems with looks such as teeth going spikey and jaw misaligned and these were fixed by myself with the help of TenStrip. This now also includes karanimo's expression morphs which were never included but should have been. This pack is released with permission from rp1902.


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5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest reviews

Very useful morph pack! Thank you very much!
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These morphs are so frequently used that most of us don't even realize when they're being referenced. I saw this as a dependency on a scene I'm working on and was like - what is this reference? Now I know! Thanks for sharing these!! It's greatly appreciated!
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If you are into advanced look creation, you will need this. (period)
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The sliders that where missing.....
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Should be part of VaM Honestly
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A huge collection of adjustment morphs. Apart from morphs to edit single body parts there are also: Fixes, Clothing effects, Impact effects, a bunch of "look" morphs that change the entire face or body, muscle/bone detail morphs and even a few expressions. Most of them are female, but there are also male morphs (And with "female morphs on male" active they can be used anyway)
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A must have
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