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Plugins thigh compressor and vibrations 2023-05-28

So, after a year(or two) I've finally managed to find a reason and understand enough c# turn vibrations from a timeline plugin... and use numerical derivatives in c#, should work on male & female models

demo scene here, default models + timeline if you want to see how the dials work, but don't want to animate right away?

Just add plugin, set distance mult to like 1- 2 or more depending on the model, point the plugin to the other model, everything should be set up around the distance of the pelvises.

Change other dials, speed, amplitude, damping(highly recommend a higher value)

All the morph areas have one direction you can damp down and dial up the overall amplitude

some info on use/dials:
manual trigger, there's also a plugin shortcut called to trigger manually "trigger vibrations"

vibration amount and speed vib amplitude both affect the multiplier its Vibration amount + Calculated Speed just before impact. Vibration amount is just the minimum value, the speed vib amplitude will add to that, useful for having a unique vibration amplitude every time thanks to vam being physics based.

Increases the delay between the different areas on the body vibrating, a value of zero will make everything happen at the same time, .1 to .3 increases the feeling of scale on a model .4 is quite insane, and above that, no idea how it can be utilized, it tends to damp out thanks to this next dial:

damping, basically your vibration value gets divided by this to some power increasing over time

Vibration speed/frequency set to 30 by default, 20ish seems to work better for thicker models 30 is closer to what you'd want for thinner models (maybe)

Vibration Threshold, this is just how picky the plugin is being, its always looking at the distance between two objects, pelvis-pelvis, pelvis-toy, etc. and calculating the velocity and the drop in velocity, if it reaches a certain threshold within the distance set, the vibrations go off, so a value of .88 is vibrations go off if speed drops by 12% from the previous calculation, if its set to .1, velocity would have to drop by 90%

Other dials are related to individual body parts, there are two or more sets of morphs that can affect each one, i.e. thigh rotation & thigh up/down or butt left right, butt up/down and butt expansion, so you can adjust for your model.

quick shoutout, this script has a history, vradultfun did it originally, varghoss modded it, I mutilated it, but added numerical derivatives, (dist1-dist2)/Time.deltaTime gives velocity.

The boob and arm vibrations are at the bottom, and off by default in case you feel they're not applicable to a model.
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looks amazing :D, can work as a replacement for glute soft physics
Well well well. This changes absolutely everything 😲 incredible man, hypnotic even. 50/5 stars 🙌🙌🙌
sry its not good
Great, I used the updated version because a manual trigger button was added so that I can trigger the vibration via timeline, and I believe that automatic triggering can be implemented in future updates so that I can easily use it in scenes other than sex
cool! You brought the game to a new level
Amazing effect. I did found an issue though: after loading an appearence, you have to "manual trigger" once to make it work again
Greatly expanding on the capabilities and limits of VAM, I think this is worth trying for anybody
First of all thanks for the great plugin
But it doesn't work. I've tried targeting a man on the female side, I've tried raising the all value to max, I've tried turning on soft physics, and I've tried putting both male and female plug-ins in, but everything doesn't work. Should I turn on high-quality physics? What's the matter?
I'll check it out, but it might be working already, if you're using closer to using standard/thinner models they just need a bit more vibration to get noticed, I would try a distance of like 2 and increasing the vibration amount to like... 3, its basically armed when your target gets within a certain distance, and then the trigger is the deceleration of that target
Thanks for making this great plugin. I really like it. Is it possible to make it so you can have one atom vibrate by itself?
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