thigh compressor and vibrations

Plugins thigh compressor and vibrations 2023-05-28

added calves a particularly tricky set of morphs, and then added another set of morphs on the butt for expansion/contraction

other "improvements" some speed values can be reverse, like leg rotation, some butt values, useful for... reasons?

Also, i think i've fixed the manual trigger issue, I just went direct to the globaltimer1 val instead of setting manual trigger to 1 and cancelling it later with an if statement, pretty sure thats one of the things that could make it unstable

also removed some clutter and deprecated variables that could also mess up the script
moved manual trigger to shortcut removed idiotic slider
manual trigger option, just leave the other atom blank or select a light or other atom that's really far away if you did that initially
two options: 1, button
2, "idiotic slider trigger" (left side bottom) that's just what i'm calling my exercise in lack of knowledge, you can trigger that externally with a button or other trigger, it resets to zero when you increase it by like, anything
So, last update for the day probably, I added in speed sensitivity, so now you can have a minimum vibration amount PLUS vibration amplitude due to the speed of impact, or just impact from speed, or just use the minimum
Ergh... so apparently, its way better to have the damping amount increase throughout the animation, so I switched it back

other improvements, I only use mathf.sin like 12 times (estimated) instead of 46(also estimated), so it's actually even lighter weight on frames(yay)
moved all the vibration sliders to the right side, less scrolling!
added both boob and arms vibration morphs, plus a deceleration threshold slider, when the pelvis's or toys are within a threshold distance, the script basically checks for deceleration every frame, compared to the last frame, .75 is the default but, you can make it a lot less picky at .9, or extremely picky at .25
even smaller! got rid of my .dsf's and unchecked the morph pack box, apparently you don't need to do that even for plugins cuz vam smart
so, quick fix, my script was referencing some morphs from bellybulger causing it to be unusable, new version works on my test copy of vam
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