Shortstack Shenanigans

Scenes Shortstack Shenanigans 1.3

Important Note:
Loading this scene can take several minutes, do not close while the Restoring atom contents message is displayed. Furthermore you need at least 32GB of Ram for the default scene to open, if you have 16GB open the Performance Mode Scene and close any other applications.

Fulfill all your Shortstack fantasies

For this release I tried myself on a Shortstack themed scene and because I always wanted to try and make a threesome scene too, some animations in the scene can be enjoyed with both of those goblin cuties. As with Pond Pounding this can be a performance heavy scene but this time I included sliders and toggles to better customize performance heavy stuff from the get go. Especially the candle lights around the room can be turned off for a boost in frames but then again, this is a scene with three characters and a few lights, so it probably won't ever run super smooth.

And in case the trailer didn't show you enough yet, the scene includes:
  • 10+ Animations including mocap, idle poses and preference driven animations (Most animations can be loaded with either the fit or the busty shortstack... or both at the same time!)
  • A busty and a fit Shortstack (duhdoi)
  • Two differently behaving breast physic presets
  • Adjusted body colliders for precise body collision
  • An additional skin for each Shortstack and the choice of 5 different skins for the male character (+ a dummy look for better performance)
  • Facial animations depending on whether the characters are in action, idleing or resting
  • Realistic mouth motions considering both moans and facial expressions
  • And finally a "Sandbox" mode with all animations turned off for you to create your own more easily!

Credits (Non-VaM):

Credits (VaM):
WeebU - Penis Normal Maps
kemenate - Decals
NihilisticDrone - Bodyhair Stamps
pepewigs - Breast Veins Lite

Spacedog - Rotate to Camera
everlaster - FloatParamRandomizerEE
WgSoup - UIButtons
MacGruber - Post Magic
NoStage3 - UnityAssetVamifier
hazmhox - fluids, VaMMoan, VaMOverlays, VaMAtmosphere
Blazedust - ColorScale, ParentHoldLink
AcidBubbles - Collider Editor, Embody, Glance, SpawPoint, Timeline
ToumeiHitsuji - Divining Rod
ClockwiseSilver - SilverExpressionTool

HuntingSuccubus - Eyeball Shadow
Qing - Veil, Caress of Venus
Sharr - Gold Trim Clothes
crimeless - Wet Penis

kemenate - Male Beard, Male Body Hair, Male Hairstyles
NoStage3 - Hair Long Wavy 9 Bangs 4
Roac - Modular Hairs
Oronan - F18
Lasseur - 2Bun Look

ICannotDie - Lut Pack
VamTastic - TW3 Bathhouse
xstatic - particle pack #8 Fog

Jackaroo - JarModularExpressions
AshAuryn - Sexpressions

PetaZwega - Matthew, Mackenzie

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Latest reviews

Another masterpiece!
vry good
Absolutely incredible - stuff like this is why I got a VR set up x)
Holy shit. Absolute masterclass of a scene
Top shelf! Suffice to say, I needed a change of underpants after checking testing out the scene for a few minutes. I'd really love some short story stuff before the scene starts though. I know it's hard enough to make a scene of this quality, but I found myself wanting to know more about the scene and the characters. Either way, superb effort!
AAA scene!
This scene is incredibly good!
I have such a question when the goblin's masturbation scene is loaded from the right, the brush is not in the right position, maybe I need to download something or how?
It was worth the all waiting's ) in my case (in vr) last Air scenes dose not works... ( i press insert and nothing happens... The insert is disappear and never shows again even after changing the scenes
First let me congratulate you for the incredible work you've done here, and you've always done within the vam community, without a doubt this is the best scene shot within the community so far.
I just wanted to ask a request that until then might be selfish on my part, if I manage to include parts within the cum scenes, it would make this work even more spectacular than it already is. Incredible work, my congratulations!!!!
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