Shortstack Shenanigans

Scenes Shortstack Shenanigans 1.3

If you looked a bit around the scene you might have noticed how the scene takes place in only a small part of the giant bathhouse complex. Even though it took the better part of the day, I converted the original file and deleted all unnecessary geometry of the bathhouse. Turns out the original model had like well over 300k vertices and with this update I got it down to just over 40k!

So if you had performance issues with this scene you might want to give it another try and see if it doesn't run a little better now.

Have a great weekend!
The public release of this gigantic Shortstack Scene is finally here. Hope your rig is up for the task 😅
Included a version of the scene using no clothes, less performance intensive versions of the male character and fewer textures around the scene

Apparently using the same texture twice in the scene also doubles the amount of RAM it needs, A quick look at the task manager showed that the regular scene needs at least 20GB of RAM, the included new one only uses ~14GB)

Please notify me if you happen to have 16GB of RAM and it still crashes! I can further slim it down, though wanted to see if the changes I made might already be sufficient.
Got rid of unused stuff in the scene so it could load a bit faster now, also fixed the meta file as with the other resources, sorry for the spam :3
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