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Fluids 101 is a package of plugins and particle systems meant to simulate fluids for characters and environment.


How to use
  • Open or create a scene.
  • Add a Custom Unity Asset
  • Load the asset from the package on the CUA
  • Add a script from the package to the CUA
Read below for more information about the configuration.

This what the UI of Fluids 101 looks like :


If you have any doubt about the configuration... the big help box on the left is here to help you.

Character fluids
Male/female or cum/squirt if you prefer


ℹ Since version 1.08: you have access to presets to quickly setup any fluid CUA. Read the update notes.

When you select an asset for your CUA, you will notice that they have a specific name.
This is to help you find out the script you should choose accordingly.
  • If you select hzm_fluid_male.prefab, you should use fluid_male_editor.cs in the script tab.
  • If you select hzm_fluid_female.prefab, you should use fluid_female_editor.cs in the script tab.


You have four triggers available, most of them are pretty straight forward :
  • Start stream
    Start shooting and never stops
  • Stop stream
    Stop shooting ( to call after you started the stream )
  • Spray X times, random duration
    Select a value and it will shoot as many times as configured with a tiny random delay between each shot. You don't need to call start or stop for this. You just use it directly to start the spray.

The most complex trigger being "Spray X times, customizable" :

Type in a text sequence to customize the behavior. The sequence is written in milliseconds each sequence is composed of a duration and a pause and each part of the sequence is separated by a semicolon, like this :


Which translates to:
2 shots, the first has a duration of 0.2sec and a pause of 0.1sec, the second one as a duration of 0.5sec and a pause of 0.1sec

No special characters, no white space, only numbers, comma and semicolon. You can add as much sequences as you want.

Environmental fluids



Just like characters fluids, when you select an asset for your CUA, you will notice that they have a specific name.
This is to help you find out the script you should choose accordingly.
  • If you select hzm_fluidenviro_rain_01.prefab, you should use fluidenviro_rain.cs in the script tab.
  • If you select hzm_fluidenviro_rain_distant_01.prefab, you should use fluidenviro_rain_distant.cs in the script tab.
  • If you select hzm_fluidenviro_rain_splash_01.prefab, you should use fluidenviro_rain_splash.cs in the script tab.

Tips and tricks

Rain effects are triggered immediately on scene load when the plugin is loaded.

Physic and collision are not used. You have an additionnal asset to add splashes where you want on the ground.

Rain distant is more an ambiant effect. I would avoid using it close to the player (or on the area where the player is) and more as background effect.

You can use "Show bounds" in the plugins to display gizmos to help you resize the area where the rain falls.

These particle effects are not optimizing themselves. It means, you have the possibility to push the cursors all the way up, but this will have an impact on the performances.

For instance, in the picture below :

Your scene is happening close to the jacuzzi in area 1 (circled in pink). The rain is configured to fall faster, with a great amount and the lifetime as been boosted. In area 2 (circled in red) you can see that particles are still alive below the scene. This is a waste of performances and particles.

A good rule of thumb is that particles should die as soon as they are not visible (for instance, below the ground).
So when you change the speed, the lifetime, the amount, pay attention to not waste particles to avoid performance loss.

For the sound :
  • For rain and rain distant, sounds are played globally in stereo, which means they can be heard globally. Do not use sound on all CUA. You can eventually use two different sounds on two CUA to complement the ambiance. But if you have several rain CUA in your scene, they should not have sound enabled on all of them.
  • For splashes, sounds are spatialized. It is better to use them when you put splashes on an average sized object (a dumpster, a car, a metallic surface...). Enabling them on a large splash surface will sound a bit strange.
  • For splashes, sounds being spatialized, there is a distance option. This option is in meters. Keep in mind that 50 meters in VaM is huge (you can imagine 50m as stacking 30 female characters on top of each other. Setting a proper distance will give your scene a better sense of depth. Do not hesitate to play with the setting.

Environmental fluids


Select hzm_fluidenviro_shower_01.prefab, and use fluidenviro_shower.cs in the script tab.

Settings are pretty much the same as every other fluid assets.

Regarding performances, the stream amount goes way higher than any other fluid asset. It is meant to give a bit more density to the water for screenshot enthusiasts. But if you're using the asset for gameplay / VR. You should not put the stream amount at the maximum.
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