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  • Updated the loading process to do 36000 tries before failing. It will reduce potential problems when using the plugin with slower computers or very wild/big scenes. Thanks @ispinox !

    This has been done on all "legacy fluids" ( male, female, rain, shower ).
    I still recommend to migrate to Person_Fluids.cs for the characters which is handling the loading process way better than the old versions.
  • Fixed the new person fluid system firing up when you have changed the state of a character to off and then put it back to on.
  • Reposting because of potential glitch on the hub! (double sorry :D)
  • Fixed a couple of non-critical error showing up when the scene was extremely heavy to load.
  • Added a new float Change Fluid State, which start the stream of the fluid if the value is greater than 0.
    Which makes (again) a perfect combo within timeline to control the on or off state of the fluid through a simple float track. You don't have to use the triggers Start Stream or Stop Stream anymore... still, if you prefer direct triggers, they are still available to keep the legacy features active.

Note: the old CUAs (female and male fluids), will be kept as a legacy feature to preserve old scene compatibility. But any new development will occur on the Person Fluids system. I recommend you to swap to that version in the future.
  • Added new Custom Unity Assets presets to ease the use of the fluids.
    Presets are used by adding a CUA to the scene, going in the "Preset" tab, selecting the package (in this case fluids101 var) and choosing your prefered preset.


  • Removed useless logs ( @Acid Bubbles is gonna be happy : D )
  • Added a new Person fluid system: instead of using a CUA, add the plugin Person_Fluid.cs to any of your characters. You will have the exact same features as the CUA ones, but without having to deal with parenting a CUA, ensuring it does not move, dealing with animation in another atom and so on.

    Advantage of this method:
    • Dynamically selects the fluid according to the gender. Changes it automatically if you swap gender using the appearance presets.
    • Holds perfectly the particle system based on genitalias for the gender. You can even tweak the offset and rotation if needed.
    • Makes everything accessible in the character: you could make an additional layer with Timeline to handle all your fluid animations.
Note: default settings and offsets are based on Meshed presets from vanilla vam. So you might need to tweak pretty much everytime you use a custom look the offsets and rotation. It's pretty hard to account for every situation based on the look ;)
  • Fixed a few bugs where a few options were not restored properly on scene load
  • Fixed a few typos and titles
  • Added a new shower asset

  • Added sound for rain, rain distant and splashes
  • Added options to enable sound, set the volume. Also added a distance setting for the splashes since the sound is spatialized
  • Fixed bounds display with a new system that shows the actual orientation of the particle system
  • Fixed a bug where the density of the rain distant was not saved properly
  • The documentation has been updated with a few informations regarding sound.
The plugin documentation has been updated with a few tips and tricks for the rain assets.
  • Added Rain, Rain distant and Rain splashes assets.
  • Added three scripts to customize every rain asset.
  • Updated demo with two scenes with two rain setups.
Documentation will be updated in a few moments to give a bit of tips and tricks to use the new assets.
Axis update:

Being an Unreal Engine person, I'm used to Z up, and this was a mistake kindly pointed out by @VirtAmateur -more informations about that here-.

The plugin being fairly new, I decided to fix the orientation and point the particle systems to Z as the forward motion. If you update, you will have to update the scenes using the plugin accordingly.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

New options and bug fixes :
  • Added shadows for the female version
  • Added angle option for the female version
  • Fixed a bug where shadows options in the male version wasn't updated when switching the appearance or the alt behavior.
  • Added an option to enable shadows
  • Added an alternate motion mode (almost exclusively for Spacedog). The particle spawning is unrealistic and not physically accurate when enabled but might interest some of you for specific situations.
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