1. ZRSX

    Assets [Subscene] Booths 2.1

    I was struggling with tight booths or non-movable booth doors in some scenes, so I decided to make more spacious ones with interactive doors. Also including lewd graffiti, which can be toggled depending on the mood of your scene. It's a subscene, so you can quickly add a lot of them in a...
  2. 50_shades

    Paid Assets Interactive pee setup v1. Pissing golden shower 1

    Click the buttons and move the sliders to get your desired effect. You can use this setup by replacing the guy with any male look.
  3. Reanimator

    Scenes Shower Scene 1

    This scene uses the Easy Moan plugin by geesp0t so she'll automatically move her hips more and start to moan as she nears climax. So you can just select your favorite pose, possess and enjoy. Also utilizes the Silver Circler and E-Motion plugins, among other free assets. See the dependencies...
  4. Dragontales

    Scenes Sexy Simples - Shower Fun 1

    Sexy Simples #3: Shower Fun Honestly, this scene is anything but simple, but...I like the title. :) Features: - 7 Sex positions and activities. Have fun with her or just watch her have fun with herself - Shower sides are one-way see-through so you can peep from any angle - Easily remove...
  5. wolverine333

    Scenes Maria 2.0 Realistic Solo Shower Scene With Fireworks 2.0.2

    Hello Everyone. Here she is Maria 2.0 . . I did a lot of tweaking to the light positions and color hue for a realistic feel. I hope you enjoy this scene. Again, still learning the basics to VaM having fun. - Note: If you play around with the Techno Ring light setting and adjust the range it can...
  6. ReignMocap

    Paid Scenes Voiced Double Shower Scene 2020-10-28

    Do I need to say more? Two girls having a shower. They are of course not related. 5 min long animation
  7. Norm

    Paid Scenes Berlin (environment) 1

    Ambient sounds: city noise, railway, sounds in the room outside the door, plumbing, shower. The tub is filled with "physical" water (very realistic water) and there is also a shower. The scene must be playable on outdated PCs (i5, GTX 750 ti, with a default character) Assets: Ashtray, Bar...
  8. Universens

    Scenes Shower Scene Free Teaser 1.0

    Hi guys, I would like to share with you my progress of the shower scene. This is a free teaser which you can still download and enjoy. (Unique look + dance animation + unique bathroom) In the end I am planing to share this scene with 5 subscenes. Thanks for your support. Enjoy.
  9. Nial

    Paid Scenes Private gym 1

    Video preview - Backup preview - My discord server This scene contain 10 poses in total. 5 for exercises, 5 for sex (1 is blowjob). You can choose any pose in any order, also you can return...
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