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Haley can do more then you know
and she will show you what she got.
It can get pretty messy with this girl.

Most of the time its Haleys choice what she likes to do.

This scene was specialy designed for Haley++ , the Girl with the 2 pluses.
So if you use another model, things may break or look a bit weird.

New Feature Log since Day 1:
  • Cam Mode (no more Beta)
  • Cam Mode (Beta)
  • Facial Expressions in Bed Variants
  • New Teasing Intro
  • More Variations in Female Lead Doggy
  • Female Lead Doggy Position
  • New Menu (See image below for description)
  • Space Mode (Background)
  • Optional Mirrors
  • Clothes change
  • Sound Option (disable Drums)
  • Ghost Mode (Partial Invisible males body)

In case you get a missing dependency about LogicBricks you have to download it manually.
It's a known problem of the HUB

I am releasing this because @ascorad pushed me to do so :)
This is my first Scene and it was a big learning experience for me.
There is still a lot i want to add and improve, but i hope you will still like it.



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And having his first appearance:
Mr. Will E, the Alien liveform
will e.png
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 9 ratings

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  2. Cam beta and Facial Expressions

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Latest reviews

I'm leaving an updated review because the amount you've added to this scene since first uploading it makes it a whole new experience. This is some extremely high quality work, my friend, and I don't say that lightly. I'm so pleased with what you've done with Haley and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the exciting things you come up with in the future. This is a 10/10 and one of my absolute favorite scenes on the hub!
Great scene! I really like the cam view. Cool addition
Thank you :) nice to hear. After i released the Scene i noticed that the cam display is maybe a bit far away in the first part.. but it was too late :p
very good work enjoying it very much
!!! :D
Yeah thanks for the updates Coll Armegeddon is still my Fav but now this one looking really good!
i am not the Author of Armageddon - thats ascorad - who i consider a friend ;)
I only borrowed Haley from him coz i fell in love with her in the Armageddon Scene :D
thank you for the review :) i will try my best .. and if you have a wish what you'd like to see, let me know
Incredible Work a default where she is just idling with maybe some downblouse or voyeur action might be nice.
I had something similar in my mind too when i started the scene but never finished it (the mini tease titty squeeze in the beginning if you noticed ;) )
If its not too complicated i will try.
Thanks for letting me know
Very well done, many thanks!
Very nice first release! Thank you!
Great stuff! There is a glitch in the bridge position where her tits get messed up, but it might be from my end as I am new to VaM! Keep em coming tho <3
Thanks for reviewing. I think i also noticed that. That's when her head is bend to the side right?
You can try restart as a quick fix but I wanted to fix this as soon as I am available ;) also some other things need a fix.. shouldn't have upgraded the tittymagic plugin in the last minute: D
So excited to finally see this on the hub. Incredible work, sir. Keep the scenes coming. I'm expecting more great work from you!
What can i say?
Thank you for making the Haley Armageddon Scene, the scene that sparked my curiosity about VAM.
And thank you for always sharing your ideas and knowledge with me :)
This is my little tribute to your Haley.
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