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What this does:

Makes the throat/belly/genitalia bulge when something is inserted.

How to use:

Just add the plugin AutoBulger.cslist to the Person you desire to bulge.
You can further adjust the morphing by using the sliders.

Based on Captain Varghoss plugins:

Belly Bulger by Captain Varghoss
Throat Bulger by Captain Varghoss

It basically works like these plugins, but it selects the target automatically.
I edited these scripts for personal use, but I think it's worth sharing.

Some of my changes:
  • Automatically selects the target atom.
  • Distances are calculated from the Rigid Body that is colliding with the Person rather than the position of the main object or controller (It works ok most of the time).
  • Morphing is applied only if the corresponding triggers are in true state (if the collision is happening, i.e. is penetrating).
  • Added a smoothing filter to reduce morphs flickering.
This plugin is now standalone, no dependencies required.

New Module added:

: Animates anus/vagina based on penetration depth.


All credit goes to the original creators of these plugins: VRAdultFun and further enhanced by Captain Varghoss.

Morphs from:
Captain Varghoss - Belly Bulger
Captain Varghoss - Throat Bulger
yukiyumei - らな夢morphpack
Mr.CadillacV8 - !Morphs!
an3k - TenStrip Morphs #1
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Latest updates

  1. New Update

    Changes: Added a new module. AutoGenExpansion, animates anus/vagina based on penetration...
  2. New Update

    Changes: Added an option to filter target Atoms by name. Optional, enable it if the target Atom...
  3. New Update

    Changes: Improved object detection and distante calculation (should work more consistently...

Latest reviews

update 6 with customizable gens expansion is great
very important plugin. Thanks for the free share
ESSENTIAL TO The animations I use!! 5 stars!!!!
It's the 'Auto' part that makes this Plugin good. Not additional setup required. Just add the Plugin to a Person Atom.
Very cool and super easy to use. Thanks for the free share so people can integrate it easily.
VERY COOL! I only wish the sliders went EVEN FURTHER for more ridiculous bulging!
very nice plugin! Excellent! отличный плагин который позволяет сделать сцены еще лучше. однозначно 10 из 5
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