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Automatically spreads the labia based on leg position. Basically does what AutoLabia does but in a different way. It uses all 12 default labia spread morphs and incorporates forward and sideward leg position. It is also highly configurable.

Since version 2 all used morphs are preserved, so if your look uses any of the said morphs, this plugin won't destroy the look!

Below is a side-by-side comparison between no plugin, RealFakeLabias V2 and the above mentioned AutoLabia V3 by VeeRifter both with default configuration.

Just place the .var file into the "AddonPackages" folder in your VAM directory.

Put the plugin on a female person atom and watch the magic happen. Configure to your liking.
The bias params are plain offsets, which adjust the zero position of the morphs.

I hope you like my plugin and if not, I'm open for suggestions;)
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  1. Morph preservation, more sliders, tweaked values and fixes

    All used labia spreading morphs are now preserved, meaning that if your look uses those morphs...

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must hv
This is such a great plugin, I love all the different options, thank you for sharing!
Top! Is it possible to change default settings?
I was coding my own selection of morphs into AutoLabia to try to get the look and movement I wanted - but RealFake does it all, and gives granular control with easy settings. Love it - thanks so much, it's the step up we needed!!
Some time ago I asked VeeRifter to update his plugin exactly with these features, but he said it's not his intention... instead you delivered - thanks!!!
Works very well.
Any chance of incorporating recently released doggy style custom morph into this plugin as well?
Thanks for the review! Your comment on reddit was actually a huge inspiration for me. I'm currently working on a way to make including many more morphs easier so the doggy style morph (excellent taste btw) will probably be an option as well.
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