Looks Henry 1.2

09/15 Update: Now with different dick sliders and a new style of dick... dick

He can't fix her daddy issues, but he will certainly try


UPDATE: Added a more customizable version of my Henry look. You can now choose his fat and muscle volume for your own liking. In addition to the appearance and an actual scene I also included a SubScene version. With this you can load the look with the sliders into any scene you want (body collision is off so you don't have to worry about exploding bodies).

To use this SubScene version do the following steps:
1. Add a SubScene Atom to the scene
2. Press "Load Existing"
3. Navigate to the file PetaZwega.Henry.2.var
4. Choose your preferred version



hidden note: you can make him even smaller/bigger by adjusting the range each animation step has over the variable triggers. I capped the sliders at roughly 2/3 of the maximum because I thought he already looked small/big enough and certain combinations made him look way too unrealistic.

It's like one of my japanese animes!

And some shots of his regular dick

Roll those Credits:

Scamp - Boys (Mature Man Hair)
kemenate - Male Body Hair

NihilisticDrone - Bodyhair Stamps (sadly the original mega link is down so I included the ones I used in the var, hope that's okay)
kemenate - Decals (Male Beard & Genitals)
Damarmau - Muscle normals
WeebU - Penis normal maps ZERO FU

And again, even though they're included in VAM thanks to Jackaroo for making the realistic male body textures!
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Amazing as always. I can't believe that person gave you 3 stars because of his own incompetence then begs for help. Hey I don't know how to drive this Bugatti, three stars.
Amazing, and awesome update, thank you!
Very realistic.
This dude is really photogenic and looks fantastic in any scene I put him in.
Thanks for sharing!
Looks nice, but how do I use this. I have added the var in the correct folder "Addonpackages". But I can't find the files. I've looked in "look" "Apparences" "presets" Help please!!!!
Under 'Appearance Presets' click 'Select Existing', on the left row click 'AddonPackages Filtered'. Use the search function at the top to search for 'Henry', open the folder and choose your preferred version of the Look.
Yo More Male models of high quality like this lets Go dude!!!!
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