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Extra Auto Genitals Plugin

Add this plugin to a Female Person. Do thing down there and the labia and various other morphs move.

This compliments but does not replace the great Auto Labia plugin.




The amount of friction to emulate. This ends up exaggerating both the inward and outward pull. This setting will save with the scene.

Inward Exaggeration

Increases the depth of the morphs in the inward motion only. This setting will save with the scene.

Outward Exaggeration

Increases the depth of the morphs in the outward motion only. This setting will save with the scene.

Enabled Morph List

These are all of the morphs that are configured in the plugin. Unchecking a morph disables it. This settings will save with the scene.
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Latest reviews

Amazing plugin, thank you !! You can't use VAM without it !
If I can give my 2c feedback, one thing that would be great is some kind of "buffer slider" to average down gens motions. Not sure if this happens to others but sometimes, for specific collisions like finger rubbing, gen motions can be erratic. By averaging movements, on a scale from say 0 to 1500 milliseconds, it would allow to hide unnatural behaviours.
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adding morphs like "Vag inside larger" or something like that would be more realistic
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Great job!! Incredible effects!
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Really amazing like all your resources. Thanks for sharing!
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Brilliant update
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great !
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The ultimate one<3<3
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Adds some of that missing realizm
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me so horny
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