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Automatic Body and Face Markers
  • Bra and bust size calculation​
  • Head height markers​
  • Change unit display​
  • Change position​
  • Show/Hide labels​

auto markers.gif

Fixed Proportion Markers and Lock Head Scale
  • Set a target proportion from common artist proportions​
  • Create your own proportion settings and save them as a Plugin Preset​
  • Guess the closest proportion that matches your current model automatically​
  • Lock the head size to a target proportion while adjusting other morphs​
proportion markers.gif

Manual Reference Markers

manual markers.gif

  • Place on a Person for automatic measurements (or manual if you want)
  • Place on any other atom for creation of a custom manual measurement
  • Height calculation (automatic)
  • Head height and width calculation (automatic)
  • Breast size calculation (automatic)
  • Waist circumference (automatic)
  • Hip circumference (automatic)
  • Visual markers
    • Head height (on the left)
    • Common features (on the right)
    • Face markers (um, over the face)
    • Manual markers (Head, common features but placed where you want them)
  • Ability to move the visual indicators

All measurements are registered as Storables. This means that you can create your own showcases with measurements, or even trigger things based on changes to these Storables using something like logic bricks

Note: I recommend putting the character in a T-Pose or a pose with hands to the side for better shoulder measurements.
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Latest reviews

Very cool. If I could make this do "what I want", that would entail being able to export measurements from a "static" source, then load them to a player atom *and* automagically apply morphs to the atom so the proportions line up. ;)
Ultimate ! Thanks for french mesurements
This is an essential plugin.
great plugin. very useful. thanks.
Love it, helpful when working with scenes! Even works when the characters dynamically are resized.
I use this all the time. I love to see you are still updating it. Thank you!
Hello, very good plug-in, thanks!

I know it's not the right place for that, but I found out a bug. When you move the position of the person below 0 on the y-axis, the height is miscalculated.

Here's a fix at line 616 of HeightMeasurePlugin.cs:
//var footOffset = Vector3.Distance(footPos, Vector3.ProjectOnPlane(footPos, rootTransform.up)) - floorDistanceOffset;
var footOffset = Vector3.Dot(footPos - rootPos, rootTransform.up);
Thank you! I will work that fix in.
Hi, thanks for making this tool, it's very useful and powerful, however, one thing, when I load it in vam, the hard drive partition where my vam is located loses space, like something is being cached, does anyone else have this problem please?
VAM has its own cache. Is it that? This plugin does not write files
must still try it, but it looks a lot smart solution (thanks!)
Such a great idea! Just noticed this plugin now! Thanks for sharing!
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