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Height Measure Plugin

auto markers.gif
manual markers.gif

  • Place on a Person for automatic measurements (or manual if you want)
  • Place on any other atom for creation of a custom manual measurement
  • Height calculation (automatic)
  • Head height and width calculation (automatic)
  • Breast size calculation (automatic)
  • Waist circumference (automatic)
  • Hip circumference (automatic)
  • Visual markers
    • Head height (on the left)
    • Common features (on the right)
    • Face markers (um, over the face)
    • Manual markers (Head, common features but placed where you want them)
  • Ability to move the visual indicators

All measurements are registered as Storables. This means that you can create your own showcases with measurements, or even trigger things based on changes to these Storables using something like logic bricks

Note: I recommend putting the character in a T-Pose or a pose with hands to the side for better shoulder measurements.
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Latest updates

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  2. new: manual marker placement improvements

    new: move markers up/down new: set manual marker color new: set manual marker line thickness
  3. new manual marker placement

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Latest reviews

Extremly useful plugin, should be standard within VaM, thanks!
Awesome tool.
Simply amazing and simple to use plugin. A must for everyone. It just needs a foot lenght measure to be perfect (for me).
It doesn't get much better than this kiddos!
Must have plugins! EPIC thanks for creating this amazing plugin!
Truly brilliant, esp. if you like tall models. Weight calculation would be amazing, but I am quite happy with all that you have done,
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