Height Measure Plugin

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New Features
  • More cup size calculations (see plugin config page):
    • Sizecharts.com French
    • Sizecharts.com European
    • Sizecharts.com Australian
    • Evas Intimates French
  • Basic Proportion Based Age Guessing (see plugin config page)

Quality of Life Improvements:
  • Force physics settings ON that are needed for plugin to work
  • Update measurements even when Freeze Animation is on

  • Feet markers would sometimes hide when exactly a 0 height in the world
New: able to switch which side lines are on (right or left)

New: make circumference measurement descriptions more clear

New: add pose preset - Thank you @babul
Choose it by selecting Pose Presets > Select Existing... > LFE.HeightMeasure.30 on the left

fix: arm length markers rotate correctly

new: reorganized plugin configuration screen
new: can now turn on and off lines in Auto Feature Guides section
new: can now turn on and off lines in Auto Proportion Guides section
new options.png
New: arm length measurements
Improved: shoulder width measurements
Improved: line markers no longer affected by scene lighting
Fix a bug with the bug fix when the root node is not close to the foot node. You know sometimes this kind of shit happens. Sorry!
When any part of character was below the floor or even upside down, measurements would have been wrong.

This has been fixed.

Thanks to @Eqs for the report and fix.
Thanks to @Ziggy for the bug report.

Manual markers on atoms like Image Panels stopped working

I broke this thing. Now I fixed this thing.
The proportion markers are the ones that measure head size and common distances between the chin and places on the torso and stuff.

New: Modify proportion markers (Add, Edit, Delete) Save your changes as a plugin preset or save the scene to save your settings!

Bug: Labels no longer stay hidden after browsing the hub in game.

Bug: Remove test and maintenance code.
  • Visual head/body proportion markers
  • Optional: Lock head size to a target proportion (Ex: 7.5 or 8). Head scale will adjust as other morphs are changed.
bug: face markers were not right
new: more unit display options: "Metric (m + cm)" "US (in + ft)" and "Heads" for head units
bug: silence errors when switching a skin on a character
new: saving and loading plugin presets now works
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