Haley - At Your Service

Scenes Haley - At Your Service 1.18.9

  • Refined the Cam Option
  • Prepared Missionary Position (not available yet)
  • Updated Tittymagic and some other Dependencies
Since Titty Magic is a fundamental part of this Scene,
i decided to release this WIP just because of the update/fix.
Loading other Appearances will work as expected and Boobs will not have weird behavior anymore.
Thanks to @everlaster for fixing Tittymagics collision bug with appearance load.
Maybe its me, but i think even Haleys tits behave more realistic now compared to .69.var
  • Action / Titty / Selfie Cam Mode (Beta)
  • Facial expressions working for all Bed Variants
  • Internal cleanup and rewrite
I know i said no more update.
But after going crazy last night, cleaning up some code and adding the facial expressions,
i just have to share it with you.
I love it when she gives me that one look :)

The Cam Mode is very raw and static for now.
Working better for some poses and worse for others.
Also it is kind of demanding on my machine, so you got to see if you like it or not.

P.S. the chance i f.....d up something this time is quite high ..sorry in advance
  • Changed Probabilities
After completly reviewing the Scene myself i came up with some tiny changes.

When i first made this Scene the intention was to get that Girl dirty.
By adding more and more stuff the chance for this to happen did decrease more and more.
It took very long to reach the goal and get her covered in Cum :p

Hopefully this micro update will correct this and make the Scene more exciting to watch.

P.S. sorry for the update spam and
if nobody will request something to add,
this may be the last update for a while
  • Bugfix Menu when switching back to Service
  • Added Cum texture for Doggy Cumshot
  • Added a Tease Intro. Playing with herself
  • Added new variants to female lead Doggy
  • Cumshot Doggy
  • Improved Menu Positioning
  • Fixed Timing Bug causing a stopped animation when using the [CUM] Button
  • Added head animation to Female Lead Doggy to make her more "alive"
Let me know what you wish to see.
A Teasing / Downblouse / Intro section (as requested) is already planed for the next update, but what else would you like to see?
  • New female lead doggy position
  • New menu system with different setups for VR and desktop (please tell me what you think)
  • New animation system for the service part to make it a smoother and more consistent experience
  • More extras to alter the scene and play around
  • New Feature: Ghost Mode - enables new insights. A whole new perspective
  • Improved males timing at haleys orgasm
  • Improved button accessibility and style
  • Disabled additional facial expressions when moving from titjob to bed scene
P.S. i am not happy with Haley's orgasm sequence .. that means another update
  • Fixed twisted body when switching bed positions
  • Fixed boobs misalignment in bridge position
  • Made the doggy more enjoyable for Haley (Yes now she can cum again..)
  • Improved position changing in doggy to make it more enjoyable to watch
  • Added missing animation in one of the doggy positions
  • Removed the error messages from tittymagic morphs

And if i am lucky i didnt introduce more bugs..
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