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Plugins OrificeAligner

Orifice Aligner is a plugin designed to help scene creators to align animations to body orifices (Mouth, Vagina or Anus). The plugin can be attached to any Atom (e.g. a sex toy or an animation step) and linked to any character's mouth, vagina or anus. The position and rotation of the Atom being controlled will be maintained relative to the orifice opening irrespective of any movement of the parent character. The main features are:
  • Align the position and rotation of an Atom to any Mouth, Vagina or Anus opening in a scene
  • Supports Male and Female target characters
  • Optionally offset the atom relative to the orifice opening - for example have an animation step just in front of the orifice opening, always pointing at the orifice
  • The position and rotation are maintained relative to the orifice opening whatever the movement or rotation of the character
Orifice Aligner does not provide a sex simulation like BJ Assist, BJ Helper or Sex Helper - it is a tool to allow content creators to reliably make scenes with sex penetration. Without Orifice Aligner, content creators have to align their animations to control nodes such as the hip, thighs or head - which does not allow a consistent and reliable penetration of the character's orifices.

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Latest reviews

Hello, author. Could you please separate the locking of the XYZ axes into three individual ones? This way, I can freely move along one axis while keeping the other two locked. I am planning to create some accessories for dance videos. Alternatively, could you demonstrate how to produce your sample video? Thank you very much.
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Made great use of this in conjunction with vinput's autothruster for my TryOnMaster scene. Thank you!
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I don't think it's that useful
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this is a fantastic multi-use tool. i've aligned spotlights to faces, cycleforces to orifices, etc. simple and does the trick.

possible suggestion: extend potential range of position sliders
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Works well but I always need to adjust the offset before controlling position and rotation otherwise it can be really buggy
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