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Paid Plugins BrowserAssist

Support me on Patreon to get access to exclusive plugin features: https://www.patreon.com/jayjaywon
Please report issues on JayJayWon DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/msY7dHyxFR
BrowserAssist is a plugin that provides an alternative browser to VAMs Scene Browser. It has a range of features beyond those provided by the default VAM Scene Browser and aims to be more performant.

Main features are:
  • Browse multiple different types of resources e.g. Scenes, Appearance Presets, Clothing Presets and all other preset types.
  • Browse and load plugins. Additional resource types (e.g. plugins) will be supported in the future.
  • Filter packaged resources by their Creator name
  • Apply user definable Tags to resources/files and then filter the browser results by those Tags.
  • Filter packaged resources by VAR License type
  • Select multiple groups of resources (e.g. Scenes) and apply Tags and Hidden or Favourite states as a bulk operation
Below is a demo of tagging and organising 725 scenes into 9 categories (it speeds up after the first few minutes):
Free version with reduced functionality is available to try here: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/browserassist-free.20134/

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download BrowserAssist.var from JayJayWon Patreon site and place in the AddonPackages folder
  2. Start VAM and open Session Plugins page.
  3. Use Add Plugin and Select File to select the BrowserAssist.cslist file from the downloaded VAR package.
  4. To set BrowserAssist to always load on VAM Start, navigate to the Session Plugin Presets page. Select Change User Defaults and then press 'Set Current As User Default'
  5. To enable support for Browser Assist to Hide, Favourite, Save, Rename or Delete Files, there is a windows batch script that also needs to be run from Windows Explorer (you may need to be a Windows Administrator to successfully run it). This batch script will create some symbolic folder links between different folders inside your VAM folder structure. This will allow Browser Assist to have write access to 3 folders under the main VAM folder. It is required because (without the symbolic links) VAM plugins cannot write to most folders in the VAM installation - which is required to set a Hidden or Favourite flag on a resource. To enable this functionality, the following steps will need to be performed once:
a) Install BrowserAssist as a session plugin in VAM
b) Execute the following batch file from Windows Explorer: VAM\Saves\PluginData\JayJayWon\BrowserAssist\CreateBASymLinks.bat
c) Reload BrowserAssist plugin in VAM
Symbolic links require an NTFS file system, so this feature will not work on FAT32 or exFAT formatted drives.
WARNING: In theory, enabling this feature potentially allows a malicious VAM plugin to delete any or all files in the Custom, Saves or AddonPackagesFilePrefs folders under the main VAM folder. Ensure that you apply an appropriate level of caution and only source plugins from reliable and trusted creators.
The multi select feature of BrowserAssist is very powerful and allows you to apply tags and set the hidden or favourite status of many files/resources with a single click. In some scenarios this may not be easily reversible and requires some caution. For example, you can select every scene in your entire VAR library with a single button press and then instantly make them all set as Favourite (or Hidden) with a second button press. If the scenes were previously a mixture of Favourite and not, its not possible to revert to that mixture without going through each scene and individually setting its Favourite state.

Please report any issues on my Discord page here: https://discord.gg/qrqt2SBzdW[ /QUOTE]
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4.97 star(s) 29 ratings

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Latest reviews

I love it easy find stuff then normal way wish was hair tab in it as well then we good to go
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very nice!
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I absolutely love this plugin. Can't use VAM without it now!
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work fine
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Best. Addon. Ever. VaM is a **** sandwich without it. If you have an urge to make Presets, slap yourself. Buy the Paid version of this addon and import Looks directly from scenes. If months later you still want to make Presets... slap yourself again, then make your presets. You be you.
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Before I complete my review of the latest he always adds new stuff that i want to review again
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Question - If I delete/rename/edit a bunch of my local packages, do I need to reset or purge the cache for this plugin? How do I erase and start fresh?
Thanks for the review. Its really hard to have a dialogue on these reviews - so please raise questions elsewhere e.g. under Discussion here or on my Discord channel or you can direct message.
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Absolutely amazing plugin and a must for every user of VaM.
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Great plugin.
Quick question: I have a version that has the UI overlay bug. Is there any way I can update, even though I'm no longer a paying patron?
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One of my must have plugins. Awesome QOL value right here!
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