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UI Assist (UIA) is a plugin that enhances the usability of VAM – primarily targeted at easier and rapid content consumption. It provides an alternative configurable User Interface (UI) to access common VAM features and additional extra functions. This is the JayJayWon Patrons version which contains specific features not available in the free version (available here).

The patron only features are summarised here:

Patrons VersionNotesDemo
(click images for video)
Multi-operation buttons
Each button can now be configured to perform multiple different operations with a single button press.
Presets from folder
Buttons can be configured to prompt the user to select a specific preset from a custom folder or randomly select from that folder or sequentially cycle through the presets in that folder. This allows a collection of favourite presets to be collated in one folder that the user can choose from when activating the UIA button.UIA Preset Folder Select Demo.jpg
Appearance Suppression
Options to suppress certain appearance changes on person atoms:
  • Prevents scale changes of person atoms when loading appearance presets with UIA
  • Only apply decals when loading a skin preset with UIA
UIA Lock Scale Change Demo.jpg
Toggle Merge Clothing Presets
Presets of clothing can be toggled without removing other clothing. This allows mixing and matching of different groups of clothing items. Can also be used to toggle the sim state of clothing items to undress groups of clothing items without effecting other clothing. Groups of clothing items can also be removed by Tag.Merge Clothing Demo.jpg
Active Clothing Editor (ACE)
Rapidly shows what clothing items are currently active on a person and allows you to switch them on or off and to toggle the Sim Undress stateACE Demo.jpg
Quick Launch Bar
Optional row of buttons that are available on all screens. Similar to smartphone app docks.​
Maximum number of buttons per screen
Up to 81 buttons can be configured per screen (compared to 16 with the free version)

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Latest reviews

Love the new alphabetical sorting for targets!
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Nowadays, there are more and more features, which are not very user-friendly for users who are not good at English. Can we add a multilingual feature? For example, in Chinese.
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one of my favorite plugins, thank you for adding the target OFF atoms option
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One of the best plugins around that everyone should have by now.
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To modify the background image (thumbnail) of a single button, is there a specific requirement for the format and size of the thumbnail? Thanks.
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More than anything else, this has enhanced the use of VAM for me.
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This plugin adds much convenience to the VaM experience. JayJayWon is responsive to user feedback and the updates increase the value of the plugin. mlbloom (AKA EdgyCuss)
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My review is long overdue. I've been using UIassist for almost a year now and it's simplified scene, viewing, building, altering, etc just a great tool. Jay, thanks so much for your hard work.
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very good
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Incredible improvement to the VAM UI. While the free version is great, the paid version can do some very clever stuff. For example, if you have some standard plugins & settings you like to load on characters I would recommend the paid version.
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