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UI Assist (UIA) is a plugin that enhances the usability of VAM – primarily targeted at easier and rapid content consumption. It provides an alternative configurable User Interface (UI) to access common VAM features and additional extra functions. This is the JayJayWon Patrons version which contains specific features not available in the free version (available here).

The patron only features are summarised here:

Patrons VersionNotesDemo
(click images for video)
Presets from folder
Buttons can be configured to prompt the user to select a specific preset from a custom folder or randomly select from that folder or sequentially cycle through the presets in that folder. This allows a collection of favourite presets to be collated in one folder that the user can choose from when activating the UIA button.UIA Preset Folder Select Demo.jpg
Appearance Suppression
Options to suppress certain appearance changes on person atoms:
  • Prevents scale changes of person atoms when loading appearance presets with UIA
  • Only apply decals when loading a skin preset with UIA
UIA Lock Scale Change Demo.jpg
Toggle Merge Clothing Presets
Presets of clothing can be toggled without removing other clothing. This allows mixing and matching of different groups of clothing items. Can also be used to toggle the sim state of clothing items to undress groups of clothing items without effecting other clothing. Groups of clothing items can also be removed by Tag.Merge Clothing Demo.jpg
Active Clothing Editor (ACE)
Rapidly shows what clothing items are currently active on a person and allows you to switch them on or off and to toggle the Sim Undress stateACE Demo.jpg
Quick Launch Bar
Optional row of buttons that are available on all screens. Similar to smartphone app docks.​
Maximum number of buttons per screen
Up to 81 buttons can be configured per screen (compared to 16 with the free version)

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Latest reviews

You've saved me countless hours of scene tweaking and button pressing, not to mention other possibilities that were not possible before.
I can't use VAM without this any more.
My initial goal was to be able to change an appearance preset at random, now blown with all the other things I can do effortlessly.
Amazing job you did.
Would be impossible to use vam without this
This it THE PLUGIN you just need to have if you want to get things done fast. With this plugin you can do everything you do often in VAM with just one click. Amazing!
I like your work. One idea, since all UI plugins needs time to configure. VAM is in constant update about content: Looks, clothes essentialy. When we launch the app, what we want to see ? We want to try the new content. So let's go, you began to consume time to add the news content to the UI and so on ....
One idea would be to create for instance, two autoconfigurated panel, fueled only with the news content.
We could be able to keep our already configured screens, and the 2 lastest could be the autoconfigured, one for news apparences, and one for clothes for instance.
My 2 cents, keep up the good work.
An absolute must-have for VAM. Very well implemented, active & responsive dev, free version has everything you _need_ but its so damn useful I sub just to make sure it doesn't go away. <3
Once you get the hang of it, it saves SO MUCH time and effort!
It's hard to overstate how much of a gamechanger UIAssist is for VaM. Where you would do a lot of klicking and poking around finding your favorite preset / item / plugin setting before, you now click a single button.

The setup takes a bit of time, but mostly because you have to figure out what you actually do often, or want to be able to do fast.
The patreon version is actually a must have for VAM. It's so good. Just get it. Go on now, I'll wait.
JJ I just started using the plugin as a Patron. I am very impressed and have just started to expand my menu for additional features. I have been working with VAM under a creator License for just under 8 months, and the UIAssit is has made it so much easier to manipulate and modify the creations of the Patrons I subscribe to for content with the looks and features I want to use for the content for my personal use. I have set up a studio room whee i can quickly take any model and thrum the use of your UI apply the presets of my choice in less then 5 or 6 clicks. Such a huge time saver. Please keep the new ideas coming, the tools you have created provide a path for higher productivity, and all of us can use a bit more time in or daily lives. Thanks again!
Thanks for the feedback. If you have the time it would be great if you could leave a review on the UIAssist (Free) resource page here: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/uiassist-free.117/
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