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UIAssist (Patrons)

Paid Plugins UIAssist (Patrons) 2.18.1

Bug fix:
  • Fixed a bug that caused the plugin UI to crash when setting up buttons using the new Set BrowserAssist Filters operation. The UI crashed when setting a filter for Male or Female Clothing Items resource type.
This UIAssist release has a parallel BrowserAssist release (v1.24.1) that is required for the new button operation that allows specific filters in BA to be set.

New Features:
  • New button operation that allows specific BrowserAssist filter settings to be set from UIAssist buttons. This operation is available from the Plugin Control operation category. It requires BrowserAssist v1.24.1 or higher to work.
  • Significant re-work to the HeelAdjust feature, which will now dynamically adjust mocap foot rotations based on the heeladjust definitions of shoes that are being worn. i.e. you can switch from wearing no shoes to having extreme heels whilst a mocap is running and it will seamlessly adjust foot rotations etc.
  • Modified the Mocap Import operation so that the auto heel adjust feature is removed (this is replaced by the above). Instead introduced an option to remove foot rotations from mocaps that were recorded with heels.
  • Improvements to the Voxta ALM (by Vaan20) integration to allow scrolling of buttons when using the Gaze control method.
  • Performance improvements for grids containing buttons with the Toggle Merge Clothing Preset operation.
Bug Fixes:
  • Various bug fixes to address issues with the Voxta ALM integration.
New Features:
  • New integration with the Voxta enhancement plugin Action List Manager (ALM) by Vaan20. Allows ALM actions to automatically appear as extra buttons on UIAssist. See details here
  • New Button operation to adjust the VAM Player Height Adjust setting
  • New Button operation to toggle VAM VR Hand Collisions settings
  • User Target list now sorts atoms alphabetically
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the Switch UIA Grid operation which lost the correct grid reference when grids were moved, deleted or added.
New Features:
  • Morph Control - new button operations to set or adjust any Morph on a person atom
  • Morph reset and zero - new button operations to reset specific morphs or zero groups of morphs (e.g. close to zero).
  • New Target option for User Chosen and Group Target categories to optionally include Off atoms as targets.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with the VAM Trigger Action operation, where some float parameters were constrained to only allow a selection of zero.
Bug fixes:
  • Various bug fixes relating to the new VAM Trigger Actions
  • lmproved error handling that were resulting in errors under certain button operations
New Features:
  • VAM Trigger Actions - most of the actions available via the VAM Trigger system can now be accessed from UIAssist and activated from a UIAssist button operation. This is available as a new button operation under the Atom Control category. For person atoms, settings to modify Clothing, Hair and Morphs are not available - but nearly all other settings should be available.
  • Remove plugins post load - additional option on the Plugin Loading button operation, to remove plugins a short period after they have been loaded.
Bug fixes:
  • ACE clothing item preset loading was missing locally saved presets for VAR packaged clothing
  • Resolved a performance bug impacting some users relating to person atoms in a scene
  • Target Atom Selector now updates when new atoms are added to a scene whilst the TAS window is open
  • Fixed a bug with the Open Plugin UI option on Plugin Loading operations, where the UI would not open if the plugin was already open and the Single Plugin Instance option was active.
  • Fixed an issue with the ACE when the option to open Clothing UI is active. Now clicking the clothing thumbnail only opens the UI and doesn't select the clothing item as well.
New Features;
  • New Clone Atom button operation
  • Option to VAM select the new Atom when spawning atoms
  • When Spawning a new CUA atom, a CUA file (instead of a CUA preset) can be specified - this includes options to select a CUA using BrowserAsssist
  • New feature in the Active Clothing Editor to open the VAM Clothing item UI by clicking on the clothing items thumbnail - can be disabled in the plugin settings.
Bug fixes:
  • Mocap load from Scene button operation now works with BrowserAssist to select the source Scene
  • Fixed being able to select CUA Presets from BrowserAssist when spawning new atoms
New Features;
  • New button operations to open BrowserAssist. Options to specify the Resource Type to open with.
  • PATREONS ONLY: Specify Browser Assist filter options when using the Choose from BrowserAssist option for selecting Presets etc.
  • New button operations to Parent and Unparent atoms to other atoms (e.g. SubScenes).
  • Improved the "Load Mocap from Scene" operation. When importing mocaps direct from Scene files, any node parenting on the source atom is imported to the target atom. This was breaking a number of well known mocaps when imported into other scenes.
  • Improved the "Teleport Atom" operation to allow target locations relative to another atom.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed some issue that was causing error messages when certain scenes were loading
Minor bug fix release:
  • Fixed an issue with the Real Clothing options making appearance presets not always load correctly
  • Fixed a bug that broke UIAssist with older versions of VAM
This version provides a number of features related to the 'Real Clothing' toggle that was introduced in VAM 1.21 recently. In the lastest version of VAM, every clothing item now has a toggle on the standard VAM clothing Adjustments page to indicate if the clothing item is "Real". By default every clothing item is set to be "Real". The intention of the toggle is to differentiate clothing items that are not real such as Hunting-Succubus' Eye Shading clothing items. These items (although implemented as VAM clothing items) are features of the persons anatomy rather than a worn clothing item. The only use of this differentiation that Meshed has implemented appears to be the option in the Clothing browser to "Remove All Real Clothing". This version of UIAssist extends that principle to a number of additional functions.

Note that the 'Real Clothing' toggle is only persisted when a piece of clothing is first created or it is subsequently modified and then saved in a scene or a preset.

New Features:
  • Introduced an 'Only Suppress Real Clothing' toggle as part of the Appearance Preset Load operation. This will mean that any non real clothing items are loaded as part of an appearance preset load - even when other real clothing items are suppressed.
  • Introduced an 'Only replace Real Clothing' toggle as part of the Clothing Preset Load operation. This means that non real clothing items are kept when a new Clothing Preset is loaded.
  • Added an 'Only remove Real Clothing' toggle as part of the Remove All Clothing operation. This means that non real clothing items are kept when clothing is removed.
Bug fix:
  • Fixed a bug when setting up Spawn Atom operations, that was giving the Animation Preset as an option rather than Appearance Presets
  • Fixed a bug where the Spawn Atom operation was not working with the Choose from BA option for preset loading.
  • Fixed a problem with the Default profile for new UIAssist users not showing thumbnail images
  • Fixed a bug in VR with switching between VAMUI and Wrist attached modes. Results in UI being hidden under certain conditions.
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