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Play as a teacher or student who is offered a unique opportunity.


This scene is made with a animation template I created that will be shared soon. The goal with that template is to "easily" reuse the existing animations into new environments and themes.

## TL;DR
  • You need Timeline 6.0.2 or higher (it looked ok with a earlier version, but you never know)
  • No model provided - load your own appearance and clothing presets; don't use a looks preset, things will break
  • 4 random intros available with 7 sex positions with some randomisation too
  • Editable randomised speech - yes, more random stuff
  • VR focus for male possession with Passenger - also works in desktop, but no male expressions because, you know, male possession VR focus!
  • Limited female expressions - add your prefered plugin, or even just auto-expressions (may impact intros fixed expressions)
  • You should read what's after this to know about more cool things


Female models and clothing in the screenshots are not included. Models shown are listed in the Credits below.

## Instructions to get things working smoothly (I hope)
  • Get the dependencies listed, but you don't need the dependencies' dependencies
  • There's 2 big dependencies from Xnop73 in the list. These are extra students for intro 4 - Sex class - which fit into that theme, or to use "Pervy mode". If you don't want extra students you can skip the 700 MB download.
  • Accept plugins if requested during loading
  • Check if your scene is not frozen of course
  • I hope you have some appearance presets available, because I only provide the default model
  • You can use clothing presets or pick some when on the customisation panel
  • Click "fluids and scale" to scale the female to 0.96 - usually a loaded apperance preset has a different scale
  • If the height is still far off from the bar on the right with the original model height. try going to the Morphs tab and tweak it - usually there's a "height" morph that can be placed to 0
  • When you go to a sex scene you might need to tweak the clothing you added for proper penetration - or else the male will get fabric burns in its dick
  • Sex action buttons are around and visible from a Passenger possessed male, just look around
  • If you're in desktop mode you need to move to the right places, but they're close by


## The customisation panel

In this area you can load appearance presets and clothing presets/items. The female uses a scale of 0.96, clicking the button "Fluids and scale" will change the scale and preload cum clothing. The cum clothing is also preloaded when you go to any action, in case you didn't click the button, however the scale is not. If the height of the model is close enough you can use different scales, or even if right scale but height off, you might want to try matching the height. Often there's a morph called "height" that can be easily zeroed, but this depends on the preset you load.

Very important: load a appearance preset, not a looks preset, as this will change the female atom's name and mess up everything.

Right side:
There are pose buttons and sliders for some morphs, self-explanatory I think. The "big penis" slider is reset if you switch from Student mode to Teacher mode because the male also changes in the process and would lose this customisation. Adjust it before you go to a scene, if you want to use it.
As expected, extreme values on the sliders can mess up things.

Embody button is checked by default because this scene, like all of mine, is made for VR with a male possession. If you don't want Embody active, just uncheck this.
Super cum button will do something silly (for some). When the male cums the female will be "filled" to a extreme point, and will then deflate slowly. This morph may not be so visible in certain positions.

Left side:
Use the yellow button to access Student mode and Teacher mode. This affects the random speech, the intro scenes (red button) and male appearance.
The red button loads a random introductory scene and at the end of the intro a random sex position will be picked. There are 2 intros for each mode.
The other buttons you go straight to a sex action.


## The sex actions

There's some randomisation on the female movements, and on certain positions for the male too. The male thrusting is also randomised.
The cum button will trigger the cum animations and soon after the male cumming the sex ends. Typical, right? :LOL:
Use the "go back" button to return to the customisation area.

## Expressions, random speech editing and other tweaking

The expressions are limited on purpose. If you want more emotion in those pixeled faces you can add a plugin like e-motion, Cue, etc, or even just auto-expressions. There may be some weirdness depending on the method used, but give it a go.

If you don't like the random speech of the female, or want more lines in it, there are 3 atoms with the plugin act randomizer - SpeechStudent, SpeechTeacher, SpeechPre-Cum.
SpeechStudent has a act randomizer for the lines during sex, and another for a single random line after the male cums; this is as the name implies for Student mode. SpeechTeacher is the same but for Teacher mode. Finally, SpeechPre-cum has a act randomiser for a single random line just before the male cums, if I timed it right in the animation.

Male random thrusting comes from a floatparamrandomiser plugin in the "cum" button of the current sex action.


Ok, I think that's enough for now. Use the discussion panel if you have any issues or want to tweak things.

## Credits and thank yous

AcidBubbles - Embody, Timeline, Glance, SpawnPoint
AshAuryn - Expression and Sexpressions morphs
ClockwiseSilver - SilverBJ
Crimeless - Cum clothing
Damarmau - Textures
hazmhox - VAMMoan, VAMAtmosphere, VAMOverlays, VAMCUI
JayJayWon - ActRandomizer
Kemenate - Morphs
MacGruber - Essentials, Life, Logicbricks, Supershot
Molmark - Drip clothes
PetaZwega - Henry
Sapuzex - Fluid CUA
Skippy - Cum clothes
Spacedog - morphs
ToumeiHitsuji - DiviningRod
Xnop73 - animated people
VaM_SleSar - Classroom environment

Female looks in the screenshots:
Bamair1984 - MichellePfei_Young (paid)
ICannotDie - Rosa and Jenny
Luminestrial - Caitlin
pogdaddy - Deja
UJVAM - Takami
Watto - Leah (paid)
WrongTamago - Mia

Sorry if I missed anyone whose assets are used in this scene.

Thank you to everyone who contributes in any constructive way to the VAM community.
Hope you enjoy the scene.
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But for one small-ish hitch, this doesn't have to fear comparison with some of the best paid-for work I've seen. Really outstanding!
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My god the VaM landscape would be a better place if all scenes ever made could have a "Super Cum" option. Thank you for such an awesome piece of work!
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Works great!
Nice, then it was the problem I fixed today. I also added in the description the models used in the screenshots.
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Also, would be nice to get the sauce to the models showcased here :) They look pretty neat.
I found the potential source of problem, I hope. Check out the new update. I will specify in the description the models used in the screenshots. If all works after this update, please consider re-reviewing.
Nice scene and your explanation made me giggle. Great work!
glad you liked both of them :)
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