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Animated people

Assets Animated people 2022-02-19

A collection of animated NPC's designed to be background characters to give life to your VAM scenes, while maintaining performance.
NPCs are animated in varies positions, such as sitting down, talking, dancing. I've included walking animations too for some characters, which can be animated using Timeline. Use Ambient crowd FX for further realism.

Includes a very basic demo scene, to give you an idea of how to use these assets.



All the characters are unity assets and as such have a very minor impact on performance, you can have around 15 NPCs per scene without a noticeable loss in framerate. On my 1080 TI, r5 2600 , 16gb ram system I can avg around 300 fps with 20 character on screen with vertex multiple lights and an detailed environment.

Vertex lighting is recommended for enviroments with baked lighting although pixel can be used too.
Here's the full list of available characters in the .var packages, for some reason a few of these thumbnails for the assets don't show up, in the .var file, unless you unzip them.
NPC pack (1).png

Credits for the for the characters and animations
Adobe mixamo https://www.mixamo.com/#/
sketchfab collection https://sketchfab.com/samanthakennedy90/collections/characters-free
renderpeople https://renderpeople.com/

I plan on making more of these animated assets in the future so let me know what you guys want
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Latest reviews

It's extremely amazing to have all these animated to be put in the scene, wondering do you mind to make a tutorial of how to make such asset bundle by our own?
Basically all you have to do is play the animation in unity and make that scene into an asset bundle, these tutorials show that in detail.
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Finally tried it out, works great. No decrease in performance. Thanks!
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Amazing Resource, Would love the same thing but with Fantasy Characters like Elves and Orcs
Theres quite a few fantasy characters on mixamo, just choose the animation you want and download the fbx, bring it into unity play the animation and make it into an assetbundle.
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Amazing work, look forward to seeing what else you come up with!!
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Hands down one of the best "prop" assets shared! Thanx!
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Superb asset! Gives lot of life to the scenes!
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Gives life to my personal fantasy creations
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This is awesome!
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Great! Thats really useful. Thx for sharing.
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