1. Z

    Guides How to create a simple tentacle-type bone animation with colliders (animated with IKCUA) 0.2

    A pictured guide on how to create a simple tentacle like object in Blender, rig it and create a bogus t-pose animation clip, then add a collider and animator controller in Unity.
  2. C

    Question CUA as hair with cloth physics! How?

    Hi! I'v created CUA hair using blender and Unity. And in Unity i am added a Cloth component to my hair object and in Unity it works as expected like a living hair with physics. But when i import that CUA to VAM it is static! How to do this proper? Or it's unposible?
  3. OovoIV

    Question Animated deforming geo in Asset Bundle

    Hi all, I've been coming back to this problem for a few months and keep hitting a wall. I have minimal experience in Unity but have been able to create CUAs for VAM of both static geometry and animated rigs. I cannot work out how to do the same for animated deforming geo. I have tried...
  4. cenXaur

    Question How to create an ELASTIC DILDO?

    Hello Guys! I've been wondering how to create an elastic dildo. Let's say we have a 3D mesh which looks like a dildo. I can import this mesh into Unity and then export it as an assetbundle. Then I can easily use it as an CUA object in VaM. I tried to figure out how to tweak the mesh in Unity so...
  5. A

    Assets Animated people 2022-02-19

    A collection of animated NPC's designed to be background characters to give life to your VAM scenes, while maintaining performance. NPCs are animated in varies positions, such as sitting down, talking, dancing. I've included walking animations too for some characters, which can be animated using...
  6. PluginIdea

    Plugins SystemAudioSourceInput 1.3

    I am a game plug-in and tool development fanatic. I spent a lot of time and energy on this. My goal has always been to provide more possibilities for gamers! If you agree with my efforts, welcome to my Patreon and support me, Of course, this also means having unique paid content, better support...
  7. A

    Assets E-Girl Bedroom 2

    E-Girl bedroom, Contains three different baked lighting presets. Morning, Day, Night and a version without any baked lights. As well as three mini sky boxes for the window The Gaming Chair is movable. Lighting/GI is baked in you can remove it by unchecking the "import lightmaps" option under...
  8. R

    Question Missing textures on VAM import from Unity

    hi, I've created a bedroom in unity and want to export it via the asset bundle browse. The textures used for the assets inside the room are correctly displayed inside unity afte importing it from an architecture program to unity with a .fbx file. After exporting the room via asset bundle browser...
  9. T

    Question Lighting - how to creat a Matte shadow shader? (creat a shadow on a light baked imported object)

    Hi community :) before asking I've just want the community to all the contents tutorials and sharing. I would like to know if it's possible to have a shadow matte shader in VAM. to explain, a material shadow matte is a shader that we apply to an object. where the object will be transparent...
  10. VamTastic

    Guides Creating Prefabs in unity

    MacGruber has a brilliant guide about assetbundles , including creating prefabs. https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/unity-assetbundles-for-vam-1-xx.167/ I have done this as simple 4 step by step guide to creating Prefabs thanks to Hazmhox for the feedback, drag and drop the folder instead of...
  11. CosmicFTW

    Assets Modern House 2

    A Modern House asset including detailed interior and exterior, appliances, furnishings and accessories. I have packaged this asset with colliders. Turn them off in VAM to move the person atom around to different rooms. (uncheck in Physics Object tab) I have not included lights from unity with...
  12. CosmicFTW

    Assets FTW Motorcycle Pack (17 bikes) 1

    FTW Bike Pack A pack of 17 high quality Motorcycle assets. I have included a wide variety of models like monobikes, superbikes, futuristic bikes, a pushbike and prototypes. There is something to suit every scene. Enjoy! modified versions released under cc attribution Clothing Set...
  13. CosmicFTW

    Assets FTW Helmet Pack (15 items) 1

    A pack of 15 high quality helmets of various styles to suit any occasion. No collision enabled to allow easy positioning on your model. Use parent hold to keep in place. Includes custom FTW Editions. Enjoy! released under cc attribution Hyper Biker Clothes Set Featured in screenshots
  14. CosmicFTW

    Assets Alien (CUA) 1

    This is an Alien Custom Unity Asset (CUA), ready to Probe your girls! I have enabled collision only on the Penis so you position your model underneath with no issues. You can make a simple thrusting animation for your girl to make her have sex with it, (CUA is not animated). Also there are...
  15. CosmicFTW

    Paid Assets Space Environment Asset 1

    A Space Environment Unity Asset, including 3 versions: - With directional light and With Asteroid Particle Effects (lower FPS) - With directional light and Without Asteroid Particle Effects (good for VR ) - Without directional light (good for screenshots) This environment has a nice Starfield...
  16. CosmicFTW

    Assets CyberFloor Platform 1

    A CUA Cyberfloor Platform that has an "ice" style textured floor and emissive lights. Great for showing off your models. Released Freely under CC Attribution cyberpunk
  17. CosmicFTW

    Assets Cyberpunk Militech Assault Rifle 1

    Cyberpunk Militech Assault Rifle asset with collisions enabled. Enjoy! released freely under CC Attribution
  18. CosmicFTW

    Assets Cyberpunk Speeder 1

    A futuristic Cyberpunk Speeder asset that takes design cues from ancient Tractors, includes emissive lights. Enjoy! speeder released freely under CC Attribution
  19. CosmicFTW

    Paid Assets Fashion Show Environment 1

    This Unity Asset is a Fashion Show Environment. The Asset has two versions or prefabs, one with a floor fog particle effect and one without. I have used LZ4 Compression with this asset so it loads instantly even though its large in size. I have not added Unity lights to this asset as the...
  20. CuteSvetlana

    Assets Avionx Skybox Series 2

    It's Skybox party on the hub! Please find attached another series of 10 beautiful skybox from Avionx on the Unity Asset Store. This time, I included the reflection probes inside the skybox so they can be used with MacGruber's Skymagic plugin. Some of them are perfect for SciFi scenes. Happy...
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