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Assets Animated People Expanded 2022-06-20

Note: This animated asset release is pretty big, around 2.06 GB since it contains over 350+ characters.
It was divided into 5 parts, so it could be uploaded here.

The package includes various animated characters, designed to be background characters for public/crowd scenes, to add increase immersion and maintain performance.
Contains animations like sitting down, idle, talking, dancing/cheering, walking, laying and many more.


UnityAssetvamifyier is recommended for correct shading.
Color for clothing, hair, skin on most characters can be changed using the ColorScale plugin. As shown below


I've also included several Photogrammetry scanned characters in this release, designed to be as real as possible. They were rigged and animated in Blender using this technique.

As requested by a people, the part 5 of the package contains several role specific characters, such as doctors, cops, prisoners, flight attendants, etc.

This time around I've also included a fairly detailed demo scene, showcasing all the different character assets.

If there are any issues let me know asap.

Character Animations by Adobe Mixamo
Casual girl in Boots Colorfull Shorts and green by daveff21
mmtake1 by JTTeam
Японская Школьница by Наруто
freefire female character by pace gaming by PACE GAMING FF
Handsome man in casual clothes in A-pose 86 by deep3dstudio
Eric Neuman Doob / High Fidelity Avatar by eric_neuman
Rigged T-Pose Human Male w 50 Face Blendshapes by Mike Alger
Propia001 Fbx Blender by sergioalcantaracontratacion
Michelle Rumba Dancing by akz54542
Lucifer Morningstar by Nathang30
Prisoner by asadkhan1881
Clothes test set by mahrcheen
Girl by Vlasov Konstantin
[Sarah] Female Character by Voogie
[CandyBehr] Female Character by Voogie
Party Man 01 by Reallusion
Nursey Nurse by Thunder
Hunky guy with idle animation by Guenter Chao
Helena Red Dress by Ameer Studio
Mizkey-JK- School- Golf- Drive-01 by kirayan4852
Young Man T Pose by iconic
Web by drabot
@goliad_vallco by CODAME
NOOK - EVENT PODS - ACC - 4 by Expo-Prints
Zhenya by itSeez3D
Vika cad by alex.texelsales
Gold Dresses by bloknayrb
Various hair styles by unknown

AcidBubbles.Timeline.252 By: AcidBubbles
Blazedust.Script_ColorScale.2 By: Blazedust
MacGruber.PostMagic.3 By: MacGruber
NoStage3.UnityAssetVamifier.20 By: NoStage3
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really cool stuff
Excelent. However we must find a way to animate those characters with vam tools!
I animated my characters in unity for ease of use, but If you where to import a rigged asset in a T-pose, you could animate it with timeline within VAM using this plugin
Amazing Axnop , must have taken you ages .
Thanks, and yeah the genesis 2 character assets took a while to make, but the sketchfab and mixamo characters were fairly quick.
this is too important and it's already a must for every scene!
This what VAM needs more of. Thanks so much
This is incredible, 350 options (so far) :o
5 stars!!!!!!!!!!
You've really outdone yourself with this one and your last packages were amazing already! You're a big unsung hero in this community that brings so much life to our scenes!
Wow that is just incredible. Thanks for sharing these assets.
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