1. VaM_LO

    Assets [Assets] Air mattress & Plastic chair & Condom 2022-05-23

    Since there was a request, I will repost the assets that I posted to Discord in the past. It's a very early work, so it's not a big deal, but I hope you'll be happy.
  2. M

    Need a Mountainbike + Equipment

    Hey guys! I would like to make a Mountainbike Scene but i need the assets for it. Couldn't find some. I tried to do them by myself but I'm pretty bad at it. It there someone who could make a Mountainbike asset and maybe a Helmet? Would be awesome! Something like : Afterburner Downhill...
  3. Korisaki

    Paid Assets Japanese Cafe 1.0

    Thanks so much for the support on the Hub and Patreon!
  4. Haliwod

    Assets Spidey paperbag mask 1

    A port of a nice mask model from Stetchfab. Model made by Venom1462 who was nice enough to give permission for texture alteration. For non-commercial use only.
  5. MostVerticalPrimate

    Assets Taito Vewlix Model 2022-05-11

    My first ever public release, and one that is very near and dear to my heart. Which has had three bypasses by now. With credit to Jairo Moura and Taito, I have modeled and released Taito's iconic arcade cabinet for Virt-A-Mate! The iconic Japanese candy cab used in game centers and Round 1's...
  6. TacoCat

    Paid Assets Flying Islands 1

    Hello. This is a scene of islands flying in the sky. The scene is modular and consists of 11 parts. Two prepared scenes included. Day and night. Some screenshots:
  7. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Looks Redneck Girl Dalma 1

    Redneck Girl Dalma The little innocent from the Wilson Range. There is also a new shirt and cowboy boots. As an asset is the cowboy hat. You can choose the color of the shirt yourself. Hair by ddaamm ddaamm.hair_long5.latest What u also need: Hunting-Succubus.EyeBall_Shadow.latest...
  8. Eaglekun

    Assets Sk8er Pack 2.0

    For all you Sk8er boyz and Sk8er gurrls. A pack with a skatepark and a skateboard! Ver 2.0 one new design for the board and a blank version because im sure people would want it. Ive started to do ports for things I wanted for myself but will be sharing with the community because sharing is...
  9. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing SurvivalPack 1

    SurvivalPack This survival pack contains the following items of clothing: Boots, pants, shirt and backpack strap. As an asset is the backpack, belt and the AR15. Check out the demo scene for how to equip it. I attached the belt to the PelvisBone. As a result, the belt adapts relatively well to...
  10. VaM_LO

    Assets [Assets] Glasses 1 2022-04-16

    This time I made glasses for the first time in a long time. Three different versions of colors are available. This data is an asset bundle, so add a CustomUnityAsset to your scene just like adding people or things, and select my glasses there.
  11. Hexenv88

    Assets Whores Alley 1.0

    In a rundown city, in a dirty side of town where cops have all but forgotten about law enforcement lays, Whores Alley. This is where you find the real dirty girls. its dark, dingy and smells of booze, vomit and urine. Many men have stopped here to unload inside whoever happens to be here. These...
  12. SCAMP

    Assets Kitchen Table and Chair 2.0

    Prepare for a great time! The best furniture for sex ever, the kitchen table is here! OK so I was searching the hub for a kitchen table and really found none which surprised me, cause having sex on the kitchen table is a goodamn classic. I remember when me and my wife were playing monopoly and...
  13. Korisaki

    Paid Assets Jewelry Pack Premium 1.2

    The premium pack contains 5 colors/materials for each jewelry item. So far this includes the Curved barbell and Heart stud. For more colors you can use an asset coloring plugin.
  14. Korisaki

    Assets Jewelry Pack 1.3

    This will contain an ever growing list of jewelry for free! So far there are 3 assets. Every week I will be adding 1 item to this pack.
  15. Korisaki

    Paid Assets Modern Room 1.1

    Moveable modern room with a bunch of space for activities. High ceilings and wide floors.
  16. Mr.CadillacV8

    Assets Swimbath cabin 1

    Swimbath cabin - Asset A simple swim bath cabin. The door is physical and can be pushed open.
  17. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Assets Shelter Environment 2

    Shelter Environment The first version of the shelter. I've still invested quite a bit of time in order toVR to get good FPS with two Atoms. You will find two scenes of the shelter. One scene for desktop mode and one for VR mode. They are named accordingly. In the asset bundle you will also find...
  18. Hexenv88

    Scenes Cage Bed 1.0

    Saw a picture of a bed similar to this idea and decided to make one. The door on it is not as of yet interactive, (If anyone can tell me or point me to a tutorial on how to make a door interactive inside vam id be grateful). So in order to have the door open there are two prefabs in the asset...
  19. Xurrias

    Looks Cynder the Dragoness 3xPack V2.1 2022-03-05

    The Terror of the Sky or Cynder the Dragoness is back again in a fresher and better made look and again brings with her alternative versions. After trial and Error I finally was able to prevent the VAR to ref to unused VAR files that weren´t included... (how did stupid hair even ended up in...
  20. VaM_LO

    Assets [Assets] Ninja weapon 2022-02-20

    I made a dagger, a kunai, and a shuriken as ninja weapons for the Kunoichi costume I made the other day. There are three types of daggers, one with a scabbard, one without a scabbard, and one with a scabbard only.
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