1. Chase81

    Assets Cyberpunk Room 1.5

    Cyberpunk Room Simple room with game assets, including Night City skybox. The sample scene comes with interactive buttons: you can turn TV on / off by pressing power switch, turn window reflections and the rain on / off (see pictures below) Night City view: Interactive...
  2. Ark1F1

    Assets McLaren 765 LT 2022-09-20

    Hey everyone! Here is one of my favorite cars as an asset! Enjoy! Model was found for free on CGTrader!
  3. Ark1F1

    Assets Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Widebody 1.0

    Hey everyone! Here is one of my favorite cars as an asset! Enjoy! Model was found for free on Sketchfab!
  4. Chase81

    Assets No Tell Motel Room

    Chase81 submitted a new resource: No Tell Motel Room - No Tell Motel Room from Cyberpunk 2077 Read more about this resource...
  5. Chase81

    Assets No Tell Motel Room 1.5

    No Tell Motel Room One of the most iconic places from Cyberpunk 2077 Corridor: Vending machine and table: Sofa: The famous bed: Shower: Converted from Cyberpunk 2077 - No Tell Motel Room (by Rigid3d) Change log: - v1.0 * Initial Release - v1.5 * Fixed meshes and...
  6. VaM_LO

    Assets [Assets] Glasses 4 2022-09-15

    This time I tried making glasses again. Only one color is available this time. There are two versions, one with slightly tinted lenses and the other with full transparency. The image is of the slightly colored version.
  7. czgt959000

    Assets Cap and Earphone 2022-09-15

    You can use UnityAssetVamifier to adjust their color The full set is here Rosemary Winters SET 1 Rosemary Winters SET 2 Rosemary Winters FUTA SET...
  8. Korisaki

    Assets Pubes Asset 0.1

    Comes in 4 colors per variation. I will be adding more variations soon. Feel free to request mods on my Patreon!
  9. P

    Other Dildo Cannon Subscene 2022-08-30

    Heavily inspired by Molmark's gun scene shown below, please check it out!: This is a simple SubScene that contains a cannon that launches a dildo in which you can control the velocity. I'm not sure if something like this before has been...
  10. rockseeker

    Paid Assets plastic round table 1.0

    rockseeker original collision on LOD 0 to 3 real sized 3.6MB
  11. TacoCat

    Assets Subway 1.1

    Converted and ported from UE4. Collisions and bake. Credits: Licence: CC BY-NC ( non commercially )
  12. TacoCat

    Assets BUS 1.1

    Converted bus models. Day and night bakes. Credits: Licence: Beerware license.
  13. venkman

    Assets 550 Central Park West (Spook Central) [CUA] 1

    This is a nearly 100% remake of the other Zuul asset. Why, you may ask? Well, for starters...I created the WHOLE 22nd floor. And not just eyeballing stuff and guessing like I did for the first asset, but this is all more or less EXACTLY to scale. I found the blueprints for the original set, and...
  14. VaM_LO

    Assets [Assets] Glasses 3 2022-08-02

    This time I tried making glasses again. It is another version of the previous simple glasses. This time I also have 6 different color versions. I will also post a method to prevent the glasses from slipping.
  15. MonsterShinkai

    Assets Teemo Hat 1.0

    Been making accessories recently. Made this hat in Blender. Thought I'd share. It is an asset. If you don't know how to attach an asset to the Person atom, in the scene provided you can learn how to do it using ParentHoldLink plugin by Blazedust. I recommend everyone to learn how to use...
  16. Orpheaned

    Assets Katana Cyberpunk 1.0

    Modèle Original par: Ramhat ( Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Disponible sur mon serveur Discord et sur le VaMHub. Faites pas vos sangsues, laissez une évaluation ou une réaction. :) -------------------------------------------------- Original Model by: Ramhat...
  17. Orpheaned

    Assets Yaiba Kusanagi + Version ColorScale 1.0

    Yaiba Kusanagi (3 versions) + Version ColorScale (3 versions) Accès Anticipé de 2 semaines aux contributeurs Fleur De Lys. Le pack sera disponible gratuitement pour tout le monde le: 7 Août 2022. Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 ACC avec collisions et version compatible ColorScale...
  18. Shioro

    Assets Beach Homestead (VR Fix) 1

    With permission from @SuperSamoth i modified the assetbundle so it's usable in VR aswell. And thanks to @VamTastic for making the textures look nicer.
  19. PodFlower 3.0

    Assets Leash Collar (IK Rigged) (GBangers Edition) v1

    Link to all Human Assets Link to all scenes video Links Demo Note: Us Fabbrik if it doesn't work. IK Plugin (Dependency) by imakeboobies Leash comes in four collars (white, black, red, blue) IK Ready CC-BY
  20. Xstatic

    Assets Horrors and Bob 1

    A collection of around 30 creepy creatures for adding atmoshpere to scenes. Most are animated a few have multiple animations like idle and walk. Most do not having physics im not sure how to add them to animated things it doesnt work the same as it does on stationary objects...
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