Skippy's Cum Clothing

Clothing Skippy's Cum Clothing 2.1 var Format

Cum clothing for male and female.
This isn't perfect, but it dose the trick. I am still a beginner and no professional at this;).
They can be customized to your preference. There is 14 texture sets to play with and I encourage you to mess with all the parameters to get different effects. I have found large morphs can have negative effects on some of them though. If you prefer the file structure format over the var, it can be downloaded here:

Thanks and Enjoy!
Instruction 1.jpg
Instruction 2.jpg
Instruction 3.jpg
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  1. Not an update. Just trying to make this a Vam Hub Direct var format download, as per request.

    Thanks to users kinski & Spacedog for the help in getting this all in the right format. This is...
  2. Skippy's Cum Clothing Reduced Size & VAR format

    Not an update. Just trying to make this a Vam Hub Direct download, as per request.
  3. Skippy's Cum Clothing Reduced Size & VAR format

    UPDATE: It has come to my attention that the texture set image's are way to large and not...

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Amazing stuff, was really useful for my scene, thanks!
I have to give this five stars because cum clothing are badly needed :) Note that the assets are GREATLY exaggerated, which is not a bad thing though it would be nice to have slightly more realistic versions! Thanks for releasing this!
This is really great work, the attachment of these is the best yet to give lifelike simulation. Great textures too. Thanks
Thanks for the great review ☺. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you like it.
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