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  • Hey there folks,

    Small "What's happening" here for all that are following me.

    So first, let me address the 2 scenes I got already.

    Blowjob with Controls:
    This scene I'll get a last update soon. Buttons will have a way to be toggled/faded, and maybe some adjustments to animations, but that will be it for this one :)

    Sofa Blowjob:
    This will will be updated for sure. At least all the current buttons, a full length scene, and a proper finally to it.

    Now, on to other things.

    Lack of updates:
    So basically, repeating my self over and over, not much time and energy to dedicate to Vam.
    This being said, Patreon will be shut down at the end of this month. If you are still a patron there, please check my message to you and I hope you understand my decision.
    I will only post here from now on, as the lack of content does not justify a Patreon

    I have not focused on many animations lately, but I have been spending some time on setting up a template scene that will have all the audio, light options and buttons set up from the start, so I can focus on animations right away and spend less time setting up the same UI over and over.
    I'll post an example soon ;)

    Closing Patreon
    So, since I'm closing this and only uploading here, all the latest animations (small loops) will be upload here. Again, if you are a patron, please check your inbox :)

    So... yeah, think this wraps it up. From now on, free stuff (y)
    Stay tuned.
    Small update here,

    I have been uploading some content on Patreon, mostly test for animation and sounds.
    Release a new Resource scene I'm working on, hope you guys like it!

    Regarding my first scene, I'll follow Babell99's advice and will be adding a way to hide the controls soon and release it as a V1.0 in the next week
    Then I'll be focusing on small scenes but with a good amount of options/animations, just not as big as the first one, for now at least...

    Hope you guys enjoy the next coming scenes (y)
    Hey guys, doing a quick update here.

    As you know, sound is very important! To me it is one of the things that sells the immersion. Or breaks it...
    Currently working on creating an organized library of sounds to use in my next projects. Which should help release scenes faster (hopefully).
    After I'm done with this, I'll release a new, short scene :)

    -Sound Categories-
    Long Sounds
    Moans (Hard)
    Moans (Soft)
    Mouthful Moans
    Need Air
    Remove Oral Pops
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