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There's 2 large packages from Xnop73, around 700 MB, that were used only on intro 4 - Sex class. These package add other students in the classroom, which was only meaningful for that intro theme and follow-up sex scene, but to make better use of such large packages I added a checkbox called "Pervy mode".
If you want an audience regardless of it fitting the theme or not, there you go, toggle "pervy mode".

I received some feedback on the scene from another user who tried to change the female to a male or futa. This worked more or less, I didn't test it. If you do attempt to change the female atom to a male/futa atom, try to keep the height or scale to match the bar on the customisation area. On the pre-existing male atom add the anus target in the Divining Rod plugin.
Changing the pre-existing male to futa is likely no problem, it's the same base geometry.
Thank you to those that reported this unexpected behaviour in the scene.

Turns out that if you selected BJ as the first action when opening the scene, the poses and BJ animation of the female would not load correctly.

I even tried a earlier version of Timeline than v6, it looked ok, but better to have a recent Timeline version.

Hopefully now everything works independently of what you press as the first option.
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