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Plugins Contortionist

Allows control over the range of motion of joints.

Use it to create poses that VAM otherwise doesn't let you do, or smooth out mocap/animations, or lock down toes for shoes.

Thanks to @VamTimbo and @ascorad for the idea!
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First release
Last update
4.92 star(s) 26 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes for symmetry mode. Added loading preset from triggers.

    Symmetry mode should now actually work. Added ability to load preset from a trigger.
  2. Added pectorals

    Small update adding pectoral bones to the torso section. Thanks to @Syrinxo for the idea.
  3. Bugfixes

    Fixed a really dumb bug with the Y angle setting.

Latest reviews

An amazing plugin - must have!
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Most recent update which added the ability to load presets through trigger logic, is EXACTLY the point at which this became a core plugin to me, that I can now use in all of my personal projects. Excellent stuff!
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Great plugin. Thank you very much.
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This plugin worked extremely well and easily allowed my character to settle into a few poses, which didn't even seem too extreme, but were previously causing severe physics instability. Thank you!
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Very useful, almost an essential tool for poses. I was just troubled by poses due to physical limitations, but now I accidentally discovered it and the trouble disappeared instantly.
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This plug-in is not compatible with AutoTranslator. When I turn on AutoTranslator, it cannot be used normally and nothing happens when I click any button.
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Wow, there are going to be more hotter both sex and non-sex poses due to this magic plugin.
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thank you for this
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Tons of new poses just unlocked!!!
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