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Holo Girl
Version 1.24 is now available on my Patreon will not be on hub for another week at which time 1.25
will be availble on Patreon

This is Holo Girl at you beck and call!!! This is a scene you control with you're voice "HOW GOD INTENDED". You will need to make sure VAM is the screen you have up and clicked on for it to work. If the commands still are not working then click off the screen then back on. When loading the first time I have found you will need to reload the scene again for the commands to be updated. I will be only developing this scene and no others. If you Find my idea intriguing, please consider supporting me at my Patreon and the confidence will help me continue the work!!!! I am excited about developing this scene and sharing it with you step by step! This scene will be developed into a Blade runner style scene where I have gotten my inspiration from. I want to share this with everyone as I develop the Idea and have you along for the ride.VamSync is on My patreon with new update. Vam hub will always be an update behind so please consider helping me with the development. If voice recognition does not work on load, click off screen then back on to activate. Also, I have found that the first initial load will require you to exit the scene and load the scene again to get it to function properly.


Special thanks to all the Creators that made this scene possible.

AcidBubbles.Embody.58 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-embody
AcidBubbles.Timeline.268 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-timeline
AcidBubbles.Timeline.283 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link: https://github.com/acidbubbles/vam-timeline
Ben-g_Copper.Chrissss_Redfield.latest By: Ben-g_Copper License: CC BY-NC
CheesyFX.BodyLanguage.22 By: CheesyFX License: CC BY-SA
CheesyFX.ShakeIt.22 By: CheesyFX License: CC BY-SA
everlaster.JointCorrectEE.1 By: everlaster License: CC BY-NC-SA Link: https://patreon.com/everlaster
FallenDancer.JointCorrect.11 By: FallenDancer License: CC BY-NC-SA
Griffo.Spy_Camera.latest By: Griffo License: CC BY
Hunting-Succubus.EyeBall_Shadow.latest By: Hunting-Succubus License: CC BY-NC Link: https://www.reddit.com/user/Hunting-Succcubus
Jackaroo.JarModularExpressions.latest By: Jackaroo License: CC BY Link: https://www.patreon.com/Jackaroo
JaxZoa.JaxHouseMaidSet.latest By: JaxZoa License: CC BY-ND
JayJayWon.SexAssist.3 By: JayJayWon License: CC BY-SA Link: https://www.patreon.com/JayJayWon
LFE.ExtraAutoGenitals0.3 By: LFE License: CC BY-SA Link: https://github.com/lfe999/VamExtraAutoGenitals
MacGruber.Life.13 By: MacGruber License: CC BY-SA Link: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/life.165/
MalMorality.MalMorality's_SuperDuperAmazingSmile.latest By: MalMorality License: FC
Nobis.Halloween_Pumpkins_#1.latest By: Nobis License: CC BY
Orpheaned.Halloween_pumpkin.latest By: Orpheaned License: CC BY Link: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/halloween-pumpkin-4484260f38114ad0b78da570afc5116c
PluginIdea.NavgatePlay.13 By: PluginIdea License: CC BY-ND Link: https://www.patreon.com/PluginIdea/about
Roac.Lush_hair.latest By: Roac License: CC BY
Spacedog.Import_Reloaded_Lite.latest By: Spacedog License: FC Link: ToumeiHitsuji.DiviningRod.4 By: ToumeiHitsuji License: CC BY-SA
VaM_SleSar.DripPack_1.latest By: VaM_SleSar License: CC BY-NC
VeeRifter.AutoLabia.6 By: VeeRifter License: CC BY-SA
VeeRifter.VoiceControl.6 By: VeeRifter License: CC BY-SA
VRAdultFun.Hand_Animator.1 By: VRAdultFun License: CC BY Link: https://www.patreon.com/VRAdultFun
WeebU.Open_leather.latest By: WeebU License: CC BY-NC Link: https://www.patreon.com/WeebUVR
YameteOuji.Bow_Br01A.latest By: YameteOuji License: CC BY Link: https://yameteouji.wixsite.com/store
YameteOuji.Skirt_OL01MiSh.latest By: YameteOuji License: CC BY Link: https://yameteouji.wixsite.com/store
Yaneks.Halloween_Set.latest By: Yaneks License: CC BY Link: https://www.patreon.com/yaneks
Yaneks.Sportswear.latest By: Yaneks License: CC BY Link: https://www.patreon.com/yaneks
ZRSX.Character_transparency.3 By: ZRSX License: CC BY Link: https://www.patreon.com/zrsx
zzzat16h.rulian01.latest By: zzzat16h License: CC BY
  • 2023-01-19 01-07-29.mov
    10.3 MB
  • 2023-01-25 22-18-03.mov
    330.7 MB
  • 2023-01-30 21-25-06.mov
    288.1 MB
  • 2023-06-13 21-57-21.mov
    59.3 MB
Total Size
71.81 MB
First release
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JayJayWon JayJayWon
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lfe LFE
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vs1 vs1

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Holy shite man, this is so F cool, amazing what you did, Reaper! THANK YOU!!!
Thank you!!!! I really do appreciate the feed back!!!
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Best Voice interactive scene I have found.
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