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Holo Girl

Direct Dependencies(What's this?)

Package Name License Tier Download Link
AcidBubbles.ColliderEditor.38 CC BY-SA 1 Download
AcidBubbles.Embody.58 CC BY-SA 1 Download
AcidBubbles.Timeline.268 CC BY-SA 1 Download
AmineKunai.Penta_Bondage_Top.latest CC BY 1 Download
Ark1F1.Rina_Look_+_Futa.latest CC BY 1 Download
Barcoder.Azure_Free.latest CC BY 1 Download
Barcoder.Pink_Cat.latest CC BY 1 Download
Ben-g_Copper.Chrissss_Redfield.latest CC BY-NC 1 Download
callimohu._AnimeHairpack1.latest CC BY 1 Download
CheesyFX.BodyLanguage.22 CC BY-SA 1 Download
CheesyFX.ShakeIt.22 CC BY-SA 1 Download
CosmicFTW.Clothes_fishnet_set.latest FC 1 Download
crimeless.wet_penis.latest FC 1 Download
DragonPhantom.[DP][Asset]fireworks_in_full_bloom_effects.latest CC BY 1 Download
Dragontales.Snow_Scene_Empty.latest CC BY 1 Download
hazmhox.snow101.latest CC BY-SA 1 Download
hazmhox.spaceboxes101.latest CC BY-SA 1 Download
hazmhox.spacedust101.2 CC BY-SA 1 Download
Jackaroo.JarModularExpressions.latest CC BY 1 Download
JayJayWon.SexAssist.3 CC BY-SA 1 Download
kemenate.Decals.latest FC 1 Download
LFE.ExtraAutoGenitals0.3 CC BY-SA 1 Download
MacGruber.Life.13 CC BY-SA 1 Download
MalMorality.MalMorality's_SuperDuperAmazingSmile.latest FC 1 Download
Miki.Fluffy_Ears.latest PC EA 1 Download
PluginIdea.NavgatePlay.13 CC BY-ND 1 Download
Reaper.Holo_Girl_Video_and_Audio_Pack.latest CC BY 1 Not found on Hub
Roac.Arty_alt_hairs.latest CC BY 1 Download
Roac.Lush_hair.latest CC BY 1 Download
senorcafe.Winter_Loft.latest CC BY 1 Download
SolidVault.Alex_Weiss_Tomb_Raider_2013.1 CC BY 1 Download
Spacedog.Import_Reloaded_Lite.latest FC 1 Download
Spacedog.Wet_Bits.latest CC BY 1 Download
TGC.Clothing_NooN_EternityStyleCollar2.latest CC BY-SA 1 Download
Tomynator.3_Pack_Hair.latest CC BY 1 Download
ToumeiHitsuji.DiviningRod.4 CC BY-SA 1 Download
VamTastic.The_Beach.7 CC BY 1 Download
VAM_GS.Head_flower_decoration.latest CC BY 1 Not found on Hub
VeeRifter.AutoLabia.6 CC BY-SA 1 Download
VeeRifter.VoiceControl.6 CC BY-SA 1 Download
VirtaArtieMitchel.Valentine's_Day_2023.latest CC BY 1 Download
VRAdultFun.Hand_Animator.1 CC BY 1 Download
vs1.vs1_C069_Wet59.latest CC BY 1 Download
WillMason.Cara.latest CC BY 1 Download
YameteOuji.L02_Set.latest CC BY 1 Download
Yaneks.Halloween_Set.latest CC BY 1 Download
ZRSX.Character_transparency.3 CC BY 1 Download

Sub-dependencies (What's this?)

Package Name License Tier Download Link
AshAuryn.Pose_Tools.latest CC BY 2 Download
AshAuryn.Sexpressions.latest CC BY 2 Download
Blazedust.Script_ColorScale.1 CC BY 4 Download
ClockwiseSilver.SilverExpressionTool.7 CC BY-SA 3 Download
cotyounoyume.ExpressionBlushingAndTearsFullVer.3 MISSING 3 Not found on Hub
Damarmau.Muscle_normals.latest CC BY-NC-SA 2 Download
ddaamm.hair_long8.latest CC BY 2 Download
everlaster.Lumination.1 CC BY-SA 2 Download
everlaster.RenVR_Originals_Pack1.latest CC BY-NC 2 Download
Hunting-Succubus.Enhanced_Eyes.latest CC BY-NC 2 Download
Hunting-Succubus.EyeBall_Shadow.latest CC BY-NC 2 Download
Hunting-Succubus.FemaleBodySmootherTessellation.1 CC BY 3 Download
Jakuubz.micro_skirt.latest CC BY-NC-ND 2 Download
JaxZoa.JaxStrapSuitFuta.latest CC BY-ND 2 Download
KdollMASTA.KDoll_Mk10.1 CC BY-NC 2 Not found on Hub
KdollMASTA.KDoll_Mk2.latest MISSING 3 Not found on Hub
KdollMASTA.K_Doll_Mk_5.2 MISSING 3 Not found on Hub
kemenate.Male_Beard.latest FC 2 Download
kemenate.Male_Body_Hair.latest FC 2 Download
kemenate.Morphs.latest FC 2 Download
klphgz.Standing_Pose(001-256).latest CC BY 2 Download
LFE.AutoPupil0.8 CC BY-SA 3 Download
MacGruber.PostMagic.3 CC BY-SA 3 Download
MeshedVR.3PointLightSetup.latest MISSING 3 Included in VaM
MikeTruck.AllBodyHair_SuperPubes.latest CC BY-NC 2 Download
Miki.Wolf_Fur.latest PC EA 2 Download
NoOC.SexySet07.latest PC EA 2 Download
NoStage3.Hair_Long_Upswept_Top_Bun.latest MISSING 2 Included in VaM
NoStage3.UnityAssetVamifier.20 CC BY 2 Download
Oronan.Bunches_B1.latest MISSING 2 Not found on Hub
Oronan.F2.latest MISSING 2 Not found on Hub
SomePorter.Z_PosesCollection.latest MISSING 2 Not found on Hub
SupaRioAmateur.Nails_as_Cloth.latest CC BY-NC-SA 2 Download
TenStrip.Morphs.latest FC 3 Download
theagle.Palaa.latest MISSING 2 Not found on Hub
TiSeb.Colortone.latest FC 2 Download
VamXFan.Neutral-Environment-Color.latest CC BY 3 Download
VL_13.Sweater_shorts.latest CC BY 2 Download
WeebU.Open_leather.latest CC BY-NC 2 Download
WeebU.W-Casual_ourfit2.latest CC BY-NC 2 Download
YameteOuji.Shoes_BootsA.latest CC BY 2 Download
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