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Assets The Beach 3.5

Thought i would do something more tropical and chilling
this is a WIP just getting into the water side of things too in unity
it is a mash up of 2 scenes from Jef Belman and Xelandis
a lot of re-texuring and modeling to try a blend the 2 together.
i will improve the sky box texture and other bits

the water is interactive
i know the water looks a bit unnatural at the mo,
as i want it to look slightly transparent ,move and look more like an ocean with foam at the shore .
iv'e learned now the SilVR water shader is more of an interactive water
and taught myself on using water shaders in unity .

beach1.png beach_star.png
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Latest updates

  1. improved look and final

    Made the water to be more blue, added extra sky globe (skybox) and fixed some other things.
  2. more fixes

    fixed the floating shell, tinkered with the water a bit more, i'm hoping to get better lighting...
  3. other fixes

    fixed hammock , changed sky globe and reflection probe

Latest reviews

thank you mate. really appreciate it.
friend * VamTastic *this beach is wonderful
and it is well optimized, a very successful job

I always liked the video game * dead or alive extreme beach volleyball * the poolside

if you could create that DOAX pool
it would be lovely

and be able to enjoy it in VR : )
thank you mate , i was thinking of doing a volleyball net for the beach
i will look in to the DOA beach pool .
What I appreciate about this scene most is how many iterations you went through making small tweaks to get it just right. I liked the water in v1 where you could touch it and make it move, but it undeniably looks better in this version. A nice large map for making scenes or to just chill.
Thank you so much mate , it was a work in progress of combining 2 scenes together and just wanted to try and make it look better
as you perfectly put it ,making small tweaks to get it just right . i know it must be annoying for some with having lots of updates.
love it
thank you ivam , much appreciated .
I love this environment and can't wait to play more in it! :) Thank you so much for all the updates and the effort you put into it!
Thanks VamRainey , i didn`t want to do so many updates ,but i wanted it to look good than half baked
This is absolutely F N outstanding work, thank you VT!
thank you very much cmramlow, appreciate the review
Another high-quality evironment from VamTastic with lots of room for fun and games!
Thanks so much mate, i know it can be annoying when i update some things ,
but that`s me i don`t like to leave things half baked lol.
I absolutely love this environment! It is so relaxing!
Thank you enoeht ,i always wanted to try a beach scene .
Incredible work! Well done :D
Thanks Teapot , im happy with the water now and is the final update , thank god.
Beach, animated, sound... Man, thank you for this! I can see my self just using this in VR to chill after work :D
Thanks so much PXL , not having VR i hope it works and looks ok .
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