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Plugins SexAssist 1.3

Sex Assist is a plugin which aims to facilitate reliable penetration and thrusting with a "single click". The plugin has two main features:
  • The instant movement and rotation of person atoms such that a penis and orifice of choosing (i.e. Mouth, Vagina or Anus) are aligned whilst maintaining the current poses.
  • The creation and setup of an Animation Pattern that controls thrusting into the orifice. The thrusting can be controlled to specify which Orifice is penetrated, whether the penis or the orifice are thrusting, the penetration depth and withdrawal amounts etc. The penetration should be accurate as it is based on the true orifice position which can not be achieved with standard Animation Patterns.
Sex Assist provides no sound effects or expression animations, however it is compatible with Doll Master which allows the the Sex Assist Thrust Animation Pattern to be selected and used as a Thrust driver.

How to use
  1. Attach the plugin to a Person in the scene
  2. Ensure a second person with a penis is available in the scene
  3. Pose the two people in reasonably compatible sex poses (this can be achieved by loading pose presets etc), but do not worry about aligning the people in any way (the two people can be any distance apart).
  4. Press "Align Orifice To Target Penis" or "Align Target Penis to Orifice". The orifice (vagina by default) and penis should now align and a thrusting action will start.
  5. Adjust the parameters in the plugin UI as described in the Usage Guide included in the zip download
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3.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. SexAssist v1.3

    Fixed a few bugs that were causing male person atoms not to be available in the UI Updated the...
  2. SexAssist v1.2

    Fix to address problem that was causing SA to crash when aligning the orifice to a penis

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Still 0 updates or answer, When i select a penis the plugins can't found it.
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