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Wet Bits

Textures Wet Bits 1

Universal wet body parts gloss and spec maps for Base Male and Female Skins. I made these for Space Force and found myself using them regularly, so I decided I may as well release them as their own VAR package and maybe you can put them to use too.

They will work with any skin that uses the Base UVs, and are intended to be used as a set so they don’t leave any seams. They have been made from the VAM base male and female gloss and spec maps, and they have been optimised and the VAR is uncompressed to make loading as quick as possible.

Includes wet:
Vagina with optional Anus
Penis with optional tip or head


Mass import these in the Skin Textures tab from the Male or Female directory to load the dry maps, then you can swap in wet versions as needed in your scenes. Best to use the spec and gloss together for each body part.

Turn the Gloss all the way up in the Skin Materials 2 tab and adjust the Gloss Texture Offset down until the wet areas contrast nicely.

Inspired by HornyScumbag's Wet Specular Maps.

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The penis looks like a waxed table leg .
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I didnt really understand how to use that effect? Can you deep and simple explain how to make it work?
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Simply a must have.
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awesome stuffs
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