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I am working on a simple plug-in to improve the gameplay of VAM.

At present, I spend a lot of energy on plug-in development, in order to provide more possibilities for the community.
There are many popular plug-ins in my Patreon and they are constantly updated.
And I'm constantly developing new plug-ins.
Good ideas and suggestions are also very welcome.
I really hope you can come to Patreon to support me
🙏 .

my patreon link

For this plug-in, what I most want to achieve as soon as possible is its automatic pathfinding function, and I have found a relatively reliable idea.
I will achieve it sometime in the future.

You can Move freely in VAM (navigation movement, manual control movement) to improve the playability of VAM.
In my idea, I can also do a lot of interesting things with voice commands.
For example: go there and lie down(when my hand ) or come back to me(And then she came back to me automatically).

How to use it:
first add the plug-in to Person.

Desktop mode:
you can first add a floor, mouse click on the floor.
You can also manually control the movement of people through the keyboard arrow keys.
Space or Numpad0 enters character standby.

VR mode:
it is recommended to add a floor with the right hand pointing to the location you want to go, and then press Trigger.
also Two events have been added to the plug-in: ComeBackToMe, GoThere.
Can be triggered by a button event or by voice trigger(a free plugin in hub).



Creadit :
- MacGrubber - thanks for making MacGrubber_Utils.cs, very useful script
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Fix some known bug. misoperation is reduced. The function of HangOut is optimized.

    Fixed several Bugs. Operation and experience optimization : 1. Walking now specifies the...
  2. The last version of the resource is wrong, please ignore it.

    The last version of the resource is wrong, please ignore it.
  3. Improvement of movement precision and optimization of UI

    1.Improvement of movement precision. 2.UI layout and operation are more reasonable.

Latest reviews

Navigation genius!
This is really world class but unfortunately many have already tried this and then you have donated and it has not been carried out, I really hope that they will finish this before it can be used with the timeline. Then I donate immediately and I'm not stingy. At the moment you can only walk back and forth and then everything else is no longer usable but I really hope that they get it far enough that you can use it with the timeline
Thank you for your support and feedback.
I am also in the study of VAM.
At the same time, the plug-in is still in a very early version, and I will continue to improve and add new features to the plug-in.
The problem with working with timeline can be solved through my preliminary verification, and I will fix it in my next release.
Hey it looks really awesome so far =) I would like to make some sugguestions if i can. 1. Inputs should be editable like WSAD and maybe with firstperson view etc. you know what i mean :D Also it would be nice if it have more walk animations sets or you could make your own. I think it has a very nice potential, keep it going pls :D
Thanks, your idea coincides with mine.There are a lot of ideas behind me that will come true.
so simple yet very useful and looks great. looking forward to more from you.
Wow this is awesome, is it possible to use this with the timeline? That's really a really great thing
This will also be a direction for me to explore.
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