Plugins NavgatePlayInVam 1.1

Fixed several Bugs.

Operation and experience optimization :

1. Walking now specifies the ground. In this way, when we click on a non-ground object, the navigation will not be triggered. Misoperation is avoided.

2. The hang out mode has been optimized.

Now the characters are restricted to walk randomly in a rectangle. Rectangle width and center offset can be customized. In addition, an option to draw a rectangular area is added, which can visually show the walkable area.

3. The navigation operation will not be triggered When drawing a path, so as to avoid misoperation.

4.Joining Keybinding support for several mode switching.
Search for NavgatePlay in the keybinding plugin.
The last version of the resource is wrong, please ignore it.
1.Improvement of movement precision.
2.UI layout and operation are more reasonable.
Very Sorry, The last update overwrites the previous free version(I didn't fully understand the mechanism).So I republish this update(Feedback from users).
This will also be the last free version of the plugin (the bugs have been fixed and the high demand has been completed).

This later direction will develop into a behavior tree-like editing plug-in (you can make advanced AI), as one of my supporters did, but it will take time.

The content of this time:

1. Fix a bug that can't navgate in VR mode because I didn't test it enough.

2.Optimize the movement speed of characters.

3. Added a hangOut mode.

After entering the hangOut mode, the character will move freely in a simple and random manner within a specified range.

4. Optimized the UI layout of the plug-in.
This is a major update to this free plug-in and is a relatively stable version.
Note: subsequent versions and support of this plug-in will be charged.
Newly added features:
1. Add a new path creation function (hold down Alt and click the left mouse button to create it).
2. Based on the path you created, you can specify the character target through the event.
3. You can now control the character's mode (edit mode / navigation mode) through events.
4. Support to automatically enter edit mode when you arrive at your destination.
5.KeyBing plug-in support, support to switch the current mode at any time.
6. The logic of walking has been modified so that the path is now more accurate (but the turn is not as natural as it used to be).
Now compatible with Timeline.
You can switch between Navgate mode and Timeline mode at any time (through the plug-in UI panel or through the shortcut keys (KeyBinding Plugin in hub)).

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